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Superior & SDXs

How many computers can I install my product(s) on? Is Toontrack software supported on macOS 14 Sonoma? The plug-in is missing in my DAW’s list of plug-ins! How do I open my Toontrack plug-in in my DAW? What is the Product Manager? How do I route multichannel outputs from my Toontrack plug-in to my DAW? Installation (Tutorials & Common issues) How do I download my Toontrack product? How to purchase the Superior Drummer 3 Crossgrade? How do I install Superior Drummer 3 from a Download? Known issues with the current version of Superior I need more authorizations, what should I do? My product is suddenly unauthorized! Why? How do I access the manual? What is the Superior Drummer 3 SSD Disk? Is Toontrack software supported on macOS 12 Monterey? What and where is my computer ID? How do I uninstall Toontrack software? Is Toontrack software supported on Windows 11? Is Toontrack software supported on macOS 13 Ventura? I can only hear the Kick drum, why? Can I use Superior with e-drums? Can the EZdrummer 3 EZX libraries (and future libraries) be used in Superior Drummer 3? How do I uninstall Toontrack sound libraries and MIDI? The VST/VST3/Audio Unit/AAX plug-in or Standalone application is not installed (macOS) Superior Drummer 3 FAQ Where are my files located? Im getting “The developer of this app needs to update it to work with this version of macOS” when I try to install my Toontrack products. How do I move my Sound Libraries / Expansions to an external drive? My issue is not covered in this FAQ, what next? How much RAM does a Superior library or SDX use? How do I use mono outputs in my DAW? E-Drums FAQ
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