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What is the Superior Drummer 3 SSD Disk?

As an additional option the core sound library for Superior Drummer 3 can be purchased pre installed on a 256GB Solid State USB 3 hard drive.

Again, this purchase is 100% optional as the full sound library is available for download via the Toontrack Product manager.

An SSD with USB 3 connectivity was chosen because it allows for very fast loading times of the kits in Superior Drummer 3. When a new kit / preset is chosen the sounds are loaded from the storage disc to the computers RAM for instant access. The connection and speed of the storage disc greatly effects the loading times.  Because they have no moving parts SSD’s are typically more durable / reliable than inexpensive spinning drives, and this is yet another reason why SSD was chosen.

When purchased from the drive ships to you from Sweden via a trackable service. Shipping times on SSD drives from Sweden vary for different parts of the world but in general: Europe = 3-4 days. USA = 5-7 business days.

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