Sometimes things happen that exceed your wildest expectations. As in the case of Toontrack. What began as an experiment ended up as Drumkit From Hell – a collection of drum sounds that would come to change the face of the industry. “We just wanted great sounding drums for our own songwriting. We had no aspirations of even selling it in the first place”, says Mattias Eklund, Toontrack’s co-founder.

That was some 20 years ago. But instead of being a two-man operation and having an “office” in the bedroom of Mattias’ apartment, Toontrack now employs almost 50 people in four countries and continues to spearhead innovation of creative tools for songwriters around the world.

We believe our success and legacy boils down to a few simple things: our love for music, craft and sound. That’s what the company is founded on and that’s what we bring to work every day. “At Toontrack, we’re all songwriters and musicians. It’s a privilege to develop tools that we have as much creative use of as our customers”, says Mattias.

Quite frankly, we have fun at work. And most good things come from fun and deep-rooted commitment.

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