Register, download, install, authorize and update all your Toontrack gear – all in one application.

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The Product Manager is a free application for all registered Toontrack users, available for download directly from each user’s account. With the Product Manager, you’ll be able to register, download, install, authorize and update your Toontrack gear in the simplest possible way – all in one application.

  • Access all your registered products in one convenient application
  • Download all your Toontrack products, even Superior Drummer 3 and SDX expansions
  • Pause and resume downloads
  • Register new products directly from the Product Manager
  • View all products that require an update and launch your installations directly from the Product Manager
  • Manage your authorizations
  • Clean up already installed downloads directly from the Product Manager



Enter your serial number.


Direct access to your new or
already registered products.


Launch your installers directly from the Product Manager.


Authorize your new product and manage your previous authorizations.


Not up-to-date? The Product Manager will alert you.


Delete the files that you don’t need any longer
– all at the push of a button.


The Product Manager minimizes the time you spend on managing your products and lets you focus on what matters: your music.



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Q: What is the Toontrack Product Manager? A: The Product Manager is a free application for all registered owners of a Toontrack product. It allows you to register, download, install, authorize and update all your Toontrack gear in the simplest possible way – all in one application.

Q: Am I required to use the Product Manager in order to download, update or authorize my Toontrack product? A: No, you can still do all of this through your user account. Although, for its ease of use, we highly recommend the Product Manager. Further, please note that Superior Drummer 2, the suite of SDX expansions, and Superior Drummer 3 core library are available for download only through the Product Manager, not your user account.

Q: Where do I find it? A: At, click ‘Log In’ and enter your Toontrack account information, go to ‘My Products > My Account’ and you’ll find it there. If you don’t already have an account, set one up.

Q: What are the first steps in making it work? A: 1. Once downloaded from, you’ll find it in your computer’s default download directory.

2. Double-click on the installer to launch it and continue through the pages of the installer.

3. Let the installer finish. On a PC, the Product Manager will by default add a shortcut to your desktop. On a Mac, the Product Manager will be located in your ‘Applications/Toontrack’ folder.

4. Launch the Product Manager application and input your Toontrack account email and password. All of your registered products will then appear and be ready to be downloaded, updated or authorized.

Q: I have my Toontrack account set up and I am logged in to the Product Manager. How do I proceed with downloading, updating or authorizing my product? A: To download a product, locate your product in the main section list of products and click the red ‘Download Product’ button to commence. Once the download has finished, simply click the install button. Then you just need to click through the pages of the installer and let it run to completion. When you have closed the installer, the Product Manager will recognize that the product is installed and a red ‘Authorize’ button will appear. Simply click this button to authorize. Once authorized, the Product Manager will check to see if there are any available updates that need to be installed. If so, a red download button will appear for the updates. Once the updates are finished downloading, start the installers and let them finish. The Product Manager will display checkmarks for each of the completed steps until finally showing a green checkmark that reads “Ready to use”, indicating that your product is fully ready.

Q: Can all Toontrack products be downloaded through the Product Manager, even Superior Drummer 3 and large SDX expansions? A: Yes, all currently available Toontrack titles can be downloaded through the Product Manager.

Q: What problem does it solve for me as a user? A: First, the Product Manager allows you to download all Toontrack products no matter their size. The integrated download manager ensures that even if your computer crashes or you lose power, you’ll be able to simply launch the Product Manager again and it will automatically resume the download from where it left off.

Second, it simplifies the installation, authorization and update process by allowing you to complete all of these steps from one convenient location.

Third, it reduces the possibility of error. Due to the integrated download manager, corrupt downloads or extraction errors are extremely unlikely.

Fourth, speed. The Product Manager was built from the ground up by Toontrack for the purpose of downloading and managing your Toontrack products. Therefore, it is more efficient than using a web browser. Toontrack downloads have also been optimized to work efficiently with the Product Manager which makes it possible to download even the largest SDX libraries.

Q: What if I buy from a third party, can I still download from the Product Manager? A: Yes, simply launch the Product Manager application and then click the blue ‘Register New Product’ button in the upper left corner. Once the product is registered, it will appear in your list of products and you will see a red download button.

Q: If my download stalls, can I resume? A: Yes, if your internet connection stalls or if you lose power to your computer, you can simply open the Product Manager and it will automatically resume any downloads that you have not manually paused.

Q: I don’t even have internet on my studio computer, what do I do? A: In this case, we suggest that you temporarily connect your studio computer to the internet so that
you can use the Product Manger to download, install, authorize and update your Toontrack products. When you are done, you can disconnect your computer from the internet. If this is not an option, you
can connect to the internet on a separate computer. You would then use the Product Manger on this internet- connected computer to only download your Toontrack products (i.e., stop after downloading, do not install or authorize). The next step would be to transfer your downloads to your studio computer via an external storage device and run the installers.

Q: Where on my computer do my downloaded products end up? A: On both Mac and PC, your downloads will default to a ‘Toontrack’ folder inside your ‘Downloads’ folder. If you want to access this folder directly through the Product Manager, please select the ‘Open Download Folder’ in the ‘File’ menu.

Q: Can I change the download location? A: The preferences of the Product Manager allow you to change the location where your downloads will be saved. This can be any location of your choice, on an internal or external storage device.

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