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The plug-in is missing in my DAW’s list of plug-ins!

There are a few reasons why your DAW (host) may not find our plug-in(s).

Windows & Mac


One very common problem, mainly on Windows while using VST 2 plug-ins, is that the plug-in was installed to a folder on your computer that your DAW has no idea about.

Below, you will find links to more info on how you can configure the VST 2 plug-in path in our supported hosts on Windows. If your host is not listed below, you can apply the same logic but you may need to look to the manual of your DAW to find where the path can be configured.

“VST 3 only”-products

Some of our newer products do not have a VST 2 plug-in version, but they do install a VST 3 plug-in (EZdrummer 3, EZkeys 2, for example).

Your host needs to use the default VST 3 path and the plug-in needs to be installed in the default VST 3 path. Your host also needs to have VST 3 compatibility.

  • macOS: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3
  • Windows: C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3

One more obvious criteria for your DAW to find the plug-in is that the plug-in needs to be installed on your system.

  1. Open the Product Manager application.
  2. Find the product you want to look at in the list, click Show Details.
  3. Open the Installation Info tab and make sure that there is a version installed for the plug-in format you want to use.
  4. Install the latest update again if it is showing as not installed.

On macOS, if the plug-in is still not installed after performing the steps above, you may need to pick some certain options in the installer to force the installer to install the plug-in if you’ve manually deleted plug-in files from your system. Follow this link for a step-by-step.

Very old versions of hosts may not be compatible with our plug-ins. Make sure that the host you are using is up to date and that the version is at least listed on the supported hosts list.

Some reasons why older DAWs may not be compatible is that the older DAW is 32-bit or that it doesn’t support the more modern plug-in format that our software comes in.


Mac only


macOS uses a caching system for the Audio Unit plug-ins that sometimes needs refreshing after an update. See this FAQ for more information.

This is relevant if you are using a newer Mac with an Apple Silicon processor.

Where possible, we have implemented Apple Silicon compatibility in our non-discontinued plug-ins. Discontinued software may not be fully compatible. For example, the discontinued EZdrummer 2 does not have an apple silicon compatible AAX (Pro Tools) plug-in.

Please make sure that the plug-in format you are using can be used on Apple Silicon with your host (ask the DAW developer/support to be sure).

If the plug-in isn’t compatible for whatever reason, you should still be able to load the plug-in in your host by using Rosetta 2. To do that, right-click the DAW application > Get info > Open using Rosetta. Then launch the DAW.

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