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How do I set the path to my Toontrack plug-in in Cubase (on Windows)?

Note that the VST3-versions of our plug-ins that have VST3 support are always installed in the default location and shouldn’t be moved from:

  • C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 

After installing a Toontrack plug-in you will need to let Cubase know where the new VST plug-in is installed. Depending on your operating system and the bitness of the plug-in, the location can be slightly different.

  • The default install path for a Toontrack VST plug-in on 32-bit Windows is:
    C:\Program Files\VstPlugins\Toontrack
  • The default install path of the 32-bit VST plug-in on 64-bit Windows is:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\VstPlugins\Toontrack
  • Finally, the default install path of the 64-bit plug-in on 64-bit Windows is:
    C:\Program Files\VstPlugins\Toontrack

Please note that if you choose a custom path for installation, the above paths will not apply. They may also differ in some instances, should the installer be able to probe your system for a pre-existing VST repository.

Tip: If you didn’t make a note of the VST install path during the installation, there is a way to find out where the plug-in was installed, in case the product comes with a standalone application: Launch the standalone, open its Help menu and choose Show Plug-In Path. The path displayed (minus the last part, the dll name) is the path that your host application (Cubase) will need to know about.

As stated earlier, once the plug-in has been installed, it will be necessary to ensure your host recognizes the installation path, should it not appear listed among your VST plug-ins already. To set the path to the plug-in file in Cubase (this may be different in your version of Cubase):

  1. Open the plug-in manager via the “Studio” menu option and click the cog wheel to open the VST 2 Plug-in Path settings.

  2. Click Add Path, and navigate to the location where the plug-in file is located on your hard drive (default paths previously listed).
  3. Finally, at the top of the main page of the plugin manager, click Rescan All and your Toontrack plug-ins should appear under the found plug-ins.

You will now be able to launch your Toontrack plug-in in Cubase.


If this did not help you, please continue the troubleshoot here: The plug-in is missing in my DAW’s list of plug-ins! 

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