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My product is suddenly unauthorized! Why?


If you are asked to re-authorize or if your authorization code does not work, it is likely because your computer ID has changed. The computer ID is based on hardware parts in your computer and the most common reason for the computer ID to change is if you have made any changes to your hardware, in particular disabling your network device or wireless modem. Or, of course if you have installed your product on a new computer.

Other major changes such as replacing your motherboard or internal harddrives could also cause the computer ID to change.

The First step to solving the issue will be to download and install the latest update for your Toontrack product.  All updates can be found in the “Downloads” section of your account.  The authorization system receives frequent updates over time that can be helpful in these kinds of situations.

We also always recommend that you authorize in the same hardware state that you intend to use the software in. In other words, if you know that you are going to use your Toontrack product with your wireless modem disconnected, please launch the Toontrack product with the modem disconnected and use the Product Manager application to authorize your computer.

Different computers would have different computer IDs, so you will need to authorize your computers individually.

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