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I can only hear the Kick drum, why?

If you can only hear the track assigned to ‘Kick’ when using the multiout feature, you almost certainly have a routing problem at the host application level and therefore are only hearing the first Superior stereo output (or first pair of mono) and none of the others.

Superior is a multi-channel, microphone based, instrument and as such should be set up in an appropriate manner in your host program, so each output is accessed independently from all others, if you intend to use your host application’s mixer to apply further processing.

For this to work, your sequencer should of course support multi-channel instruments. Typical steps required in the great majority of hosts (supporting multi output instruments) are sending to ‘busses’ or ‘Aux’ objects to provide full separation of the instruments but please check your host program manual for support status and exact set up protocol.

Toontrack Music has started a long term educational project and one of the goal is to provide visual walkthroughs to help you set up your host applications correctly for instrument separation. Please check back this FAQ often for additions that may be relevant to your environment.

Important Note: routing inside your host is a subject that goes hand in hand with operating your chosen sequencer application and you should be prepared to be referred to your host manual in the absence of relevant resource or if the provided walkthrough skims over the finer details of how to achieve the set up!

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