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How many computers can I install my product(s) on?

Toontrack allows two(2) active authorizations at one time with four(4) total authorizations. This means that you can have two computers authorized to use your Toontrack product concurrently (however not in use at the same time, as per the EULA). One common example is that the user have one permanent studio computer and also one laptop. If you decide that you want to change the computers that are actively authorized you can simply remove their authorization in your Toontrack account and add another one.
For example: if you have two computers actively authorized to use your software and you would like to add a third one, you would remove one of the currently active authorizations from your account and then add an additional active authorization. In this example your active authorizations would be 2 of 2 and your Total authorizations would be 3 of 4.

While Toontrack can never add active authorizations to your account we can reset your total authorizations if you end up needing more than four.

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