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Is Toontrack software supported on macOS 14 Sonoma?

Testing is currently in progress for Sonoma and we cannot recommend using our plug-ins on macOS 14 just yet. This FAQ will be updated when compatibility has been ensured.

We always recommend contacting the DAW developer to make sure that your DAW is compatible.

Update Oct 31st 2023:
The graphical interface in most of our plug-ins on Sonoma can feel sluggish compared to earlier macOS versions due to a graphical rendering issue. The root cause of the issue has not been confirmed, but we are suspecting that it needs to be fixed in the OS.

Update Dec 8th 2023:
The issue previously mentioned about graphical performance seems to have been fixed in macOS Sonoma version 14.2.

Update Dec 27th 2023:
We’ve noticed an issue possibly only occurring on Sonoma that causes memory usage to increase by a very high amount while recording MIDI on the song track within our plug-ins. We are investigating.

Update March 14th 2024:
The issue with unnecessarily high memory usage while recording MIDI has not been resolved, we are in contact with Apple about this. While we cannot confirm Sonoma support yet because of this bug, we have found that a lower scale setting (View > Scale) in our plug-ins uses less memory. That can be used as a temporary workaround if you have upgraded to Sonoma already and you are experiencing issues.

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