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Can I use Superior with e-drums?


Absolutely. Superior is the platform of choice for e-drummers and includes support for e-drum centric requirements such as aftertouch and continuous controller for realistic hats control. It also includes selective positional sensing capabilities, where appropriate.

Superior ships with a dedicated host, Toontrack solo, that ensures a ‘plug and play’ experience with many drum modules available on the market today and further specific e-drum features and controls are planned in the future so this is a fast moving platform that is almost guaranteed to be ahead of the pack in many respect.

What is important, however, is to ensure you have a high quality soundcard with appropriate ASIO or CoreAudio drivers as a latency of 5ms or less is recommended to help avoid noticing the inherent delay between hitting the drums and playback.

If you would like to know more about using Superior in combination with electronic drums please visit our forum where many enlightening discussions take place.

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