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My issue is not covered in this FAQ, what next?


We are sorry, you did not find the answer to your issue in the support portal.

Before you contact Toontrack support, please ensure you have indeed searched the FAQ in a suitable manner, selecting your product at the top of the support portal and the category most appropriate for your issue on the left hand side.

We also recommend you check alternative categories and quickly browse the list of issues in case the nature of your problem is technically different than your first guess, for example, you may have misconstrued an Authorization issue for an Installation error. It will take less than a few minutes and may greatly speed up the resolution of your problem.

If no FAQ material is relevant to your problem then you may indeed need to contact a support adviser for further instructions. Click the ‘contact support’ button below and fill in the requested details.

IMPORTANT: The more information you include with your query, the more likely the answer you will receive will be pertinent and to the point. If the support adviser has to request extra information from you before the nature of the issue can be evaluated appropriately, the longer it will be before you are making music!

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