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EZdrummer & EZX Expansions

How many computers can I install my product(s) on? Is Toontrack software supported on macOS 14 Sonoma? The plug-in is missing in my DAW’s list of plug-ins! How do I open my Toontrack plug-in in my DAW? What is the difference between a MIDI pack and an EZX? What is the Product Manager? How do I route multichannel outputs from my Toontrack plug-in to my DAW? Installation (Tutorials & Common issues) How do I download my Toontrack product? How to purchase the Superior Drummer 3 Crossgrade? Known issues with the current version of EZdrummer I need more authorizations, what should I do? My product is suddenly unauthorized! Why? I can’t drag and drop grooves into my project, help! EZdrummer 3 FAQ I can’t install my newly purchased EZX Is there an EZdrummer 3, EZkeys 2 or EZbass trial version available? How do I access the manual? Is Toontrack software supported on macOS 12 Monterey? When I play my track my cymbals sound cut off, why? What and where is my computer ID? Are the sounds in EZdrummer processed? How do I uninstall Toontrack software? Is Toontrack software supported on Windows 11? Is Toontrack software supported on macOS 13 Ventura? Can the EZdrummer 3 EZX libraries (and future libraries) be used in Superior Drummer 3? How do I uninstall Toontrack sound libraries and MIDI? The VST/VST3/Audio Unit/AAX plug-in or Standalone application is not installed (macOS) I can only hear the Kick drum, why? Where are my files located? How do I move my Sound Libraries / Expansions to an external drive? Im getting “The developer of this app needs to update it to work with this version of macOS” when I try to install my Toontrack products. My issue is not covered in this FAQ, what next? I’m getting the error “The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the Windows Installer…” How do I use mono outputs in my DAW? E-Drums FAQ
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