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What is the difference between a MIDI pack and an EZX?

An EZX is a sound library expansion for the EZdrummer or Superior Drummer software. With an EZX, you will get new drum kits, sound library presets, and even a new MIDI grooves library that you can use inside of the EZdrummer or Superior Drummer drum software.

A MIDI pack, or MIDI add-on, only contains new MIDI grooves, so no sounds are included with a MIDI pack. Toontrack drum MIDI packs will trigger sounds in your virtual instrument in a musical way. You will need a virtual instrument plug-in to be able to use a MIDI pack. Toontrack drum MIDI is designed to work with EZdrummer, Superior Drummer, or your favorite third-party virtual instrument software.

(Note: the installers included with a Toontrack MIDI add-on only work if you have EZD2, EZD3, SD2 or SD3. If you do not have these softwares, you will need to access the Contents of the MIDI add-on download, and then manually extract the “.mid” files to your preferred save location for you to access.)


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