Known issues with the current version of EZdrummer

[— UPDATED: 2017-12-21 —]

IMPORTANT: the current version is EZdrummer 2.1.5

Known issues with version 2.1.5

– There are no known issues at this time

Known issues with hosts

– Digital Performer: outputs may become mono when the plugin window is closed in pre-rendering mode
– Logic 8/9: key commands may interfere with typing Authorization code (use standalone host instead)
– Traktion: host may lock up on drag and drop when ‘Real Time Property’ is ON


– EZdrummer 2 is now compatible with GarageBand on macOS High Sierra.
– Some song blocks that were saved to User MIDI became empty when dragged back to a song track.
– Tap2Find should no longer crash when recording external MIDI.
– Browsing for EZdrummer sounds and selecting a folder without EZXs could cause a crash.
– Changing tempo modifier while playing a groove in Search could cause a crash.
– The browser could get the wrong height when switching EZX.
– Time signature and tempo were not always written to MIDI files dragged out from EZdrummer.
– Star marks on grooves could get lost if you synced file changes.
– Keyboard arrow input did not work in some cases in the 64-bit Mac standalone.
– Third-party and user MIDI libraries that are missing on disk are now possible to remove from Search.
– Lots of smaller bug fixes.

Improved in version 2.1.5:

– Updated Overloud effect library.
– Updated network and audio device support.


Version History

– version 2.1.0 or above is required for Mac OS 10.10 and Windows 10 compatibility
– version 2.0.2 or above is required for Mac OS 10.9.5 and Windows 8.1 compatibility
– version 2.0.1 or above is required for Mac OS 10.9 and Windows 8 compatibility

Version 2.1.4


– The internal AU name has been changed back from “EZdrummer 2” to “EZdrummer”, which it was in 2.1.1 and earlier, to restore save file compatibility in some hosts.
– In Drumkit from Hell, if a sound from another expansion was loaded on an instrument, clicking on that instrument could lead to a crash in some cases.
– Clicking the tempo button under the song track in Toontrack solo could lead to a crash.
– If the User MIDI folder could not be accessed or created, the plug-in crashed when instantiated.
– Dragging across articulation lists in Edit Play Style did not preview any sound.
– Dragging from the Browser had wrong y coordinate.
– The red translucent block that marks the current recording sometimes became too long when a loop endpoint was reached, and it no longer overlaps itself in a loop.
– The following is now disabled while recording: moving the playhead or loop area, Undo/Redo, song track context menus, loop toggling and a few more things.
– Up/down arrow keys in the Browser should work in more hosts on Mac now.

Version 2.1.3


– recording MIDI to the Song Track caused a crash
– loading a hihat without trig articulation onto a hihat with trig articulation lead to crash when re-building the graphical user interface (GUI)
– the wrong note was recorded sometimes on hi-hats loaded from other libraries when clicking on the hi-hat
– the opening hit sign in ‘Edit Play Style’ could be missing on blocks with no opening hit

Version 2.1.2


– pasting onto an empty track sets the time signature to that of the pasted loop
– the host will be defaulted to using Windows scaling factor on 4k and high DPI monitors
– drumkit preset menu signals if the selected preset does not represent current state
– it is now possible to mute blocks in the song track by right clicking and selecting “Mute”
– selected preset is now shown below the selected EZX.
– presets that get changed from their original setting will have an indicator next to the preset name to show it has been tweaked.
– sorting algorithm in search browser has been changed to sort as humans tend to do instead of how computers want to do it.
– possible to change the starting bar number of song track time line between 0 and 1.
– new standalone channel routing system which handles unlimited number of outputs on the sound card
– standalone sample rate is no longer fixed at 44.1k
– improved crash dump dialogs on Windows. Tries to write in three different locations before giving up. Also reports if it fails writing the dump file


– various crash fixes
– having no internet connection and going into Online MIDI mode didnt show the “Connection failed.” error message.
– loading a project containing a tap2find loop always caused search tab to be visible, regardless of which tab was used upon saving.
– toggling favorites while in online midi mode did not properly keep favorite state when entering offline mode again (and vice versa)
– loading a project or selecting “new” in standalone did not properly reset the tap2find loop, which in worst case scenario caused a crash.
– when using back/forward buttons reset the quantize value both on block and in tap2find
– dragging from favorites to somewhere and then back to favorites appended an extra .mid on the name
– metronome volume fix in stand alone
– now possible to drag from tap2find to favourites

Version 2.1.1


– the database interface was not closed properly and could cause crashes when restarting the plug.

Version 2.1.0


– progress and error messages for MIDI database operations have been improved
– incompatible EZXs can be detected and stopped from being accessed
– a Settings dialog was added, replacing several menu entries
– the Library Preset menu now has a dropdown arrow to more clearly indicate that it’s a menu


– the track length dialog showed the number of bars in 4/4 instead of in current time signature
– enabling Show Web Shop MIDI can now be retried if connection fails
– switching EZXs did not properly update the powerhand and instruments filter columns
– the dialog for selecting number of outputs for EZdrummer in SONAR is now forced to be the top-most window
– tap tempo now reacts to mouse-down instead of mouse-up
– Song Structures were sometimes not read properly, resulting in an empty list in Song Creator
– undo/redo didn’t preserve power hand, velocity and intensity
– it wasn’t possible to add different User Libraries with the same name
– choosing ‘New’ in the standalone did not reset Humanize to “EZX Optimized”
– Cmd-click (Mac) / Ctrl-click (Win) on the Tempo knob in Tap2Find did not reset the tempo to default (only graphically)
– copying quantized Tap2Find MIDI from the drop zone copied unquantized notes
– various Edit Play Style bug fixes

Version 2.0.2


– Tap2find now syncs with the host
– the context menu is now available on percussion pads in Edit Play Style
– multiple selection on percussion pads in Edit Play Style is now achievable
– e-drum tranformations are only applied to incoming midi
– improved e-drum transforms for Yamaha and Alesis modules
– many other improvements


– EZdrummer 1 user kit presets are now available as intended
– when loading EZdrummer 1 projects, percussion channels are now featured correctly
– MIDI out no longer stops when closing the interface
– fixed lag when adjusting the velocity and amount controls on long MIDI files
– fixed an occasional crash when clicking favourites
– metronome volume correctly affects Tap 2 Find metronome volume
– quantize now works on percussion pads
– fixes of percussion when cut to special time signature
– many other bug fixes

Version 2.0.1


– the leading instrument is analyzed with higher penalty for instruments with lower priority
– MIDI learn menus open in better places over sliders
– when using the amount control with the Latin Percussion EZX results should be more predictable
– kicks from the Number 1 Hits EZX can now be loaded in the regular kick drum position
– selecting with the lasso at the edges of the Song Track no longer leads to unwanted scrolling
– after tapping only 1 bar, only 1 bar is displayed in the tap2find area
– suggestions can be aborted before the process has completed
– Edit Play Style changes are now applied upon quantizing
– after quantizing in Edit Play Style pads are no longer deselected
– new menu arrow button on the song part labels


– crash fix for multi-out routing change when a sample rate other than 44.1K was used
– EZXs with no sounds in mics declared as Close no longer causes the engine to crash
– source files with a block type that cannot be determined should no longer cause a crash
– potential crash fix when trying to open database that doesnt exist
– occassional crash when switching Sound Library
– removing an instrument assigned as Powerhand no longer causes issues
– on certain systems preview for the percussion pieces was silent
– velocity values 1 did not count as hits when using the amount control
– the engine didn’t apply amount correctly if multiple instruments were selected
– Intensity in searches was not drawn correctly
– ‘Show in Browser’ now works with user mount points even if a User Libraries header is present
– slashes in file names should be treated more adequately
– metronome preview in standalone mode didn’t work
– stand alone no longer asks for path every time if PlugPath exist but is invalid
– when creating a Toontrack account the dialog no longer states that the user should check their mail and verify the account as that is no longer needed
– the ‘connection failed’ message now properly appears if failing to login to web shop MIDI
– other Online midi fixes
– some Copy from browser bug fixes
– some User MIDI folder fixes
– memory leaks should no longer occur

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