Superior Drummer 2


– tempo changes now better handled when bouncing through mixer. This affects only some of the EZX black boxes that react to tempo changes.
– changing MIDI as numbers immediately updates the current assigned keys menu.
– rare preset bug fixed. If there was a folder with presets among the user presets and this folder got sorted to be last in the menu, then any preset created during a session could not be deleted.
– crash avoided if default lib is somehow broken enough to warrant a warning but that warning never get’s the time to display before another lib is loaded.
– Unwanted focus grabbing in ProTools improved.
– fix for pitch Reset. Should now reset only selected drums and not ‘Fix’ anything else by mistake.
– fix for rare situation where an EZX1 could get stuck in an unauthorized state.
– fix for crash when setting path to S1 libs. (Since 2.4.1)
– fix for spurious appearance of non-working EZX POPROCK sometimes when EZdrummer 2 or its demo was installed.

[— UPDATED: 2016-06-20 —]

IMPORTANT: The current version is Superior 2 is 2.4.4

Known issues with version 2.4.4

– There are no known issues at this time

Known issues with hosts

– Acid 6: first note event may be ignored after dnd to host requiring manual extension of clip
– Digital Performer 6: outputs become mono when the plugin window is closed in pre-rendering mode
– Fruity Loops 8: error on dnd (sometimes leading to crash)
– Logic 8/9: key commands may interfere with typing Authorization code (use Toontrack solo instead)
– ProTools 7: erratic screen refresh when GUI is sitting on top of a PT window
– Samplitude 8: loss of MIDI timing after drag and drop (fixed in Samplitude 8.3)
– Sonar 8.5 64-bit: no sound through bitbridge (unsupported environment, use 64-bit plug-in)
– Traktion 2: host lock up on drag and drop when ‘Real Time Property’ is ON

Version History

– version 2.4.2 or above is required for Mac OS 10.10 and Windows 10 compatibility
– version 2.4.0 or above is required for Mac OS 10.9 and Windows 8.1 compatibility
– version 2.3.2 or above is required for Pro Tools 11 compatibility (AAX support)
– version 2.3.1 or above is required for Mac OS 10.8 and Windows 8 compatibility
– version 2.3.1 was the last version tested with Mac OS 10.5
– version 2.3.0 or above is required for Mac OS 10.7 and Windows 7 compatibility
– version 2.2.3 or above is required for 64-bit operating systems / hosts support
– version 2.2.2 or above is required for presets packs integration support
– version 2.2.1 was the last version tested against Mac OS 10.4
– version 2.2.0 or above is required for Mac OS 10.6 compatibility
– version 2.1.0 or above is required for Combined presets and SDX support
– version 2.0.0 or above is required for Mac OS 10.5 and Windows Vista compatibility



– drag and drop works again on Mac 32-bit
– dB display in Bounce tab works again
– wording change in Mapping Tab: Delete -> Remove
– wording change in Construction page: Key -> Note
– 32-bit now states so as part of its version number



– fixed a bug to do with X-drum mics saving that could cause failure to reopen projects adequately in some circumstances.
– deleting combined presets no longer lead to a crash when the operation cannot be completed.



– support for SDX expansion packs with included ’Stackpack’ samples
– the Cocktail EZX now has Multiple Hits Emulation enabled
– extra percussion sub-presets are now only added to factory combined presets of EZXs if EZDrummer is installed and authorized
– extra percussion mics that are added for EZX combined presets are now sent to outputs 11-14, when multichannel is selected
– the loop position in the groove browser is now working again
– fix for clashes when both MHE and a slow attack is in use



– AAX version now ignores the Mono All setting (not relevant to ProTools)
– AAX version on Windows should no longer crash if a new instance is created after you have loaded 2GB of sounds already
– fix for faulty sends occuring after copying from a mono to stereo channel or after a send has been removed then reinstated
– fix for issues when bouncing mute tails and swirls
– progress bar during bounce should no longer disappears when the plug-in window is closed and reopened
– Help Menu link ‘Content Providers’ changed to ‘Expand Superior Drummer’ and points to Superior Line Products page
– busses can now have the same name as existing mic channels (names must still be unique within the same class)
– during bounce each phase is described by the bounced files name rather than the corresponding mic name
– special handling of right channel output names for Sonar X series and Ableton Live
– the X-drum mic assignment window can now be scrolled if required
– improved X-mics assignment from and to the special ‘Kit’ mics found in The Classic EZX
– additional auto-allocation of X-mics rules to minimize manual assignments
– change in the built-in configs for Pop/Rock in line with newly released EZX
– updated Yamaha E-drum preset in line with EZdrummer 2
– support for EZdrummer



– the MIDI player now syncs properly when looping grooves in Cubase 7
– changing the routing in the mixer no longer requires the audio rendering to take a brief pause
– opening/closing the preview pane no longer requires the audio rendering to take a brief pause
– fixed a problem with mute tails and swirls in cache mode and when bouncing
– the tools menu is now updated in all instances when a Combined preset is applied
– bringing the Instrument volume (all Articulations) down to ‘OFF’ now preserves the relative levels of the articulations if it is brought back up again before the project is saved
– inserting a new effect in the mixer also opens its window for editing (feature lost in 2.3.1)
– the special handling of S1-legacy libraries when set to point to an SDX by mistake is working again (feature lost in 2.3.1)
– the configuration of the legacy ‘S1 – Percussionist’ has been revised for an improved experience
– the plug-in would crash at startup on certain Windows computer configurations



– improved syncing to the host timeline in Pro Tools
– improved syncing in various hosts that may communicate transport info in an unusual manner
– improved support of legacy Superior libraries (standardised default routing and some other aspects)
– improved ‘auto’ assignment scheme of microphones when creating X-drums
– using ‘unlimited’ layer limits could cause a crash when there were an unusually high number of samples in the layer
– changing a X-drum ‘position’ selection repeatedly during loading of the sounds of the previous selection should no longer lead to a crash
– editing multiple channels bleed setting at once when a X-mic channel was part of the selection should no longer lead to a crash
– setting an invalid path to a legacy library (or the first SDX alphabetically) should no longer lead to a crash on creating a new X-drum
– fixed a rare odd crash occurrence during sound loading that has been present since early versions of Superior 1
– fixed a bug that caused voices with a negative Offset to start up a buffer size early
– fixed a memory leak in the mapping tab
– when a preset can not be saved to disk due to permission issues a simple pop-up will now warn the user that their preset wasn’t saved
– articulations without a beater or stick type associated to them, for example hihat pedal, should now work in the preview page
– X-drums without a tool matching one available for the main kit can now be previewed
– EZX-s and SDX-s that seems to be non functional (left over from incomplete uninstall process) no longer appear as valid Sound library selections
– the mic allocation page now displays mics that only have a Close ‘right channel’ like the other Close mics
– the bounce name of X-mics must now be unique. This should fix the problem whereas some X-mics didn’t bounce (earlier bounce files would be overwritten)
– Changing volume of both the Crash Articulation and the Mute Tails articulations should no longer affect the quality of the mutes
– using the envelope to fade the ‘tails’ of muted cymbals now works more reliably
– resetting the pitch section should now redraw the pitch value correctly
– authorization should now be more resilient to hardware changes, particularly when removable LAN cards are used



– fixes some reported bounce crashes related to the file selector dialogue
– Superior should no longer crash when the editor is open while the plug-in GUI is closed in Reaper and Studio One 64-bit on Mac
– selecting cymbals in the Classic 4 Mic EZX, which lacks close mics, should no longer lead to a crash
– pitching sounds simultaneously in multiple instances (user defined or auto-resampling for project sample rate) should no longer cause a crash
– clicking a “Missing Target” in a MidiNode should no longer lead to a crash
– MidiNodes setup in such a way that the resulting transform would not be redirected to any sound should no longer result in playback glitches due to error logging
– FX and sends dragged and dropped from one channel to another no longer end up in unexpected places when some channel groups are hidden
– when applying bleed usage presets that enabled new mics while in Cache mode, velocity layers that were already loaded would not load the corresponding sounds in the new mics
– checkmarks in the menus for bleed, usage and combined presets are now always cleared when a project is loaded
– Fixed a bug writing bleed presets when there was a Mic starting with a digit (i.e Hit Factory 57-Out)
– channel pressure should also work on X-drums and MidiNodes, as well as trigger the new mute tails
– ADS-part of the envelope controls is now active on faded Mics
– aftertouch assigned to the Mute articulation should now be restored in all cases
– there should be no more spurious negative numbers on the bounce tab when leaving the window and re-entering it
– the default memory limit has been set to off for the 64-bit
– adjustments to POP/ROCK internal configurations have been made in order to improve MHE enabled playback results out of the box
– the SemiSeq feature has been improved in several ways, including minimizing the likelihood of repeated hits and sub-pool mixing
– the MY MIDIFILES folder is now assumed to sit in My Documents if it doesn’t exist in the traditional place and cannot be created there
– fixed an occurrence of incorrect authorization request of S1-drummer
– selecting S1-Drummer now places a checkmark in the library menu, as expected
– for S1-Drummer, only the drumkit presets of the active sub-product are now available
– the Loaded and Total Memory displays have been adjusted to fit values above 10GB
– all file extensions are removed in the MIDI browser, including .head files found in some EZX-s
– mouse wheels affect scrollbars better when the scrolled window is only slightly larger than the displayed window



– CPU surges due to using effects in the Mixer should no longer be encountered
– fixed crashes occurring when nothing was routed to OUT 1/2 and the sampler rate was different than 44.1K
– fixed a crash in the instrument preview handling when using non-updated early EZX-s
– cured a family of bugs related to removing X-drums other than the last in order sequence
– fixed a bug that caused crashes during bounces when there were more than 32 microphones
– fixed an additional bouncing bug when X-mics were present in the project
– the typeface used in the interface should no longer disappear when multiple hosts are accessing the plugin
– S1 legacy path should no longer accept paths to a new generation SDX (or EZX for that matter)
– articulations with only Hard and Soft hits should play back in a fashion closer to S1 and EZdrummer but with more consistent velvol response
– gate and enable/disable buttons in the Velocity Ctrl section should now work on multiple selection and not just a single target
– cancelling a Combined preset load will no longer result in a check mark for that preset
– the X-Drum Sound Library menu gets its entries unchecked when a new X-drum is selected
– the X-Drum Sound Library menu label is now a title only and can not be selected
– layout on the Settings page has been revised to group related options together
– MidiNode factory presets as finalized a couple of releases back are restored
– it is now possible to rename a Mixer channel to its internal name
– new E-drum MIDI preset mapping boosting improved support for hi-end Yamaha and Roland modules
– includes changes related to mouse wheel events handling for improved operation (mostly obvious on Mac)



– crashes caused by incoming CC7 when the GUI is not visible
– MidiNodes are reset as part of project loading, whether the SoundLib used is changed or not
– the envelope value display no longer extends too far to the right when edited
– stereo X-mics were sometimes not correctly treated, causing problems with sends and effects
– bouncing and bleed editing should no longer be problematic for X-drums with a mixture of
close and non-close mics assigned to the same mixer channel
– overloaded transmute could use an unloaded hit on bounce and thus cause a crash, fixed
– MIDI repository when EZdrummer is not present changed to a EZdrummer friendly location
– ‘tooltips’ no longer remains in the original place if you operate another floater-enabled control
– version numbers in the help menu should no longer display strange squares after the number
– previous versions can now be installed for roll back purposes on Mac OS 10.6
– improved handling of registry virtualization under Windows Vista and Windows 7



– iMap MIDI preset offset fixed
– the Memory Limit pop-up warning should no longer appear when the memory limit is off
– the solo state of articulations is now fully restored when loading a project
– Soft Vel and Pitching are now restored properly when loading a project
– setting a Time Correction value should no longer affect playback detrimentally
– changed the MidiNode broken link to all caps ‘MISSING TARGET’
– drag and drop of MIDI grooves should now work even when UAC is on
– grooves with length different than a multiple of quarter notes should now loop appropriately
– the tempo of the selected MIDI file is now remembered when the Sound Library is changed
– rare CPU overloads in ProTools occurring when changing drums should no longer occur
– playing an Instrument with SemiSeq active but not Random should no longer cause crashes
– removed some rare crashes that occurred when changing kit or drums while playing
– spurious noise at beginning of bounce should no longer occur
– fixed a bug to do with bouncing, transmutes and bleed of non-close mics without room-time
– a number of memory leaks have been removed
– the ‘MY MIDIFILES’ Browser entry should no longer fail to be written by the installer on PC
– Mac installer will attempt to repair EZdrummer symbolic link if probed as non functional



– fixed some occasional hangs on multicore machines when applying presets while sounds were loading
– memory total updates while other graphic updates are being performed should no longer crash multi CPU systems
– fixed a bug that caused crashes during bouncing and after using the Clear button to unload sounds
– crashes in some hosts during probing of the plug-in fixed
– occasional failure to start loading the sounds after changing library or kit pieces fixed
– X-drums should more reliably start to load sounds after changing the drum type
– memory pop-up that sets Caching mode and shuts down the loading is more reliable
– X-drums in a loaded project should no longer behave as if they had a Voice Limit of 1 if some Mic was left unassigned
– AudioUnitReset should ensure no ‘left-over’ playing occurs in Logic after stopping and starting back playback
– cases where Usage presets wouldn’t take full effect fixed
– effects of bleed usage changes in combined presets should now be visible immediately
– MIDI preset ‘load selected’ should now work as intended also for the Clear and Default factory presets
– selection of X-Drums now work when loading or saving MIDI preset
– spurious prompts that memory limit was exceeded fixed (MemLoaded-6383 bug)
– occasional failure to display the proper memory usage on loading combined presets
– bleed edit ‘Construction mode’ now entered and left more reliably
– fixed a bug that had effect on how long a hilite was displayed in the Classic Window
– added alert dialog when loading a savefile or preset that makes use of a sound library not installed
– added alert dialog when loading a project as combined preset made for a sound library different the one currently loaded
– some tools selection silently sets the ‘Bottom wire snares’ state to minimise non-useful combinations
– fixed rare savefile bug that resulted in sounds remaining unloaded and silent
– bug fixed in code for machine specific preferences on Mac
– selecting ‘steal second position’ has no effect
– layer limits can be set to exclude unused Articulations
– EZdrummer’s home is first checked in the plist when looking for EZXs on Mac
– toolTip delay time halved from one second to half a second
– various other special scenarios were crashes would occur



– AmbCorr now works for individual Mics and is saved and restored
– bug that caused occasional crashes when applying a layer limit preset on a multi-core CPU
– various changes regarding the loading of sounds as a consequence of a GUI action
– X-drum pictures are now reset when projects are loaded
– routing a Bus to another Bus to its left should no longer lead to issues with the right channel
– fixed a bug in MIDI Alias reading that mainly affected reading of X-Drum presets
– more of the MIDI mapping should now be restored when applying a X-Drum preset
– the preset naming pop-up no longer acts on Return. Pressing OK is required (avoids crashes)
– sidechains from pre 2.1 projects are now restore properly
– setting the path to Sounds should now works using the root or Sounds folder on PC too
– having an unauthorized Sound Library as default should no longer cause authorization issues



– Various bugfixes and improvements to the transmute, mainly in AMB mics and faded drums
– Change to Distribution Groups, improving CC-hihats
– Superior1 libraries renamed ‘S1 – Cocktail’, ‘S1 – Drummer’ and ‘S1 – Percussionist’
– In S1-Drummer, crash22 in Ride4 and Ride5 internal names are now unique
– Clicking on an anchor point in the Envelope curve is enough to update the display
– When ‘Felt Mallets’ is selected the ‘Bottom Wire Snares’ is deselected
– Preview in Studio window accepts mouse wheel to control articulation choice
– Improved handling of memory limit exceeded during a bounce
– improved Mic auto-assignment for the X-drums
– X-drums should look like more similar to what they do in their own sound library
– Typing keys that are out of bound as notes (G#8 or above) is no longer possible
– Mic assignment for the X-drums now shows ‘MixName’ instead of ‘Name’
– Mics that are ‘stereo out’ but not ‘stereo in’ will no longer receive a silent right channel when bounced
– Bleed/usage/phase controls should no longer change more than the left side for stereo channels that don’t have their sounds as stereo files
– The split selection is reset when changing Sound Library
– Channel pressure is now part of bounce
– Fixed a bounce bug, that after a bounce left the sampler in the state where sounds are loaded in the rendering thread instead of the demon thread
– Local Machine directory created with full access rights on Mac
– Better tolerance for non-ASCII characters in paths on MAC
– Pressing Load when editing bleed in Cached mode now works better
– Fixed bug in code that removes a trailing ‘Sounds’ from an input sound path
– Fading a non-close mic, early in the mixer, no longer leads to malfunction of the transmute for the other mics
– A negative Offset (envelope) along with pitching no longer leads to pops, crackles and crashes
– Soloing something before applying a preset or a savefile for the same Sound Library no longer leads to issues
– Solo and Mute in the Classic View are now updated when a control or Humanize preset is applied
– Fixed bug that caused crash when selecting a drum without a Close mic with ‘EzMixer follows Selection’ active
– Fixed the bug that caused newly assigned X-drum MIDI notes to not be written in presets or savefiles
– All the ‘X-samplers’ are reset when X Pads are reset, fixes the crashes when changing Vol2 factory presets
– Effects are now reset when the host asks the sampler to go mute. This should avoid ‘clicks’
– Possible bugfix for crashes while changing playing drums on a multi-core machine
– Auth key comparison failure in some cases fixed



– MIDI communication in ProTools 7.4 PC resolved
– improved performance on multiprocessor Mac in PT 7.4
– no longer fails to load samples while in cache mode
– sync (humanize) between microphones in bounce files is now correct
– hihat transmuting issue when ‘close’ sounds faded to digital silence faster than other mics
– EQ no longer lead to intermittent CPU spikes
– FX GUI calls use less CPU
– solo buttons state on busses is now always refreshed properly
– improved memory total estimates for X-Drums
– memory estimates now reflects impact of pitch shifting
– authorizing EZX from S2.0 now correctly authorize them for use in EZdrummer
– parasite double-clicks are filtered off to yield expected results
– optimized visual hits handling, hopefully improving accuracy and consistency
– changing from Studio view to Classic view no longer holds MIDI for an instant
– Sound library selection menu reset is fully enforced on loading host saved files
– preset selection reset when a savefile is loaded
– Studio View / ClassicView selection is remembered when GUI is closed down
– improved substitutions scheme for legacy Superior sets



– bounced files no longer contain artifacts at high sample rate (48KHz or above)
– bouncing at high sample rate (48KHz or above) no longer lead to crashes
– opening/closing the edit bleed panes should no longer lead to crashes
– loading thread no longer ignores articulations when a bleed-usage preset is applied
– the infamous VintageRock-BlackBeauty crash
– ability to recall saved files from Sonar track templates
– muting channel bleed also affects Bounce result
– master volumes manually set to 0db can now be recalled
– MIDI note parsing no longer produce MIDI notes above 127
– it is now possible to overwrite presets
– first click on tabs no longer trigger an instrument when switching tab (PT Mac)
– switching mixer preset leads intermittently to no output from sampler
– the current EZMixer Mic is now reset whenever swapping sound library
– X-Drums created when a savefile is loaded no longer get their mics auto assigned
– newly typed MIDI keys are now also displayed