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EZdrummer 3 FAQ

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Q: I own an earlier version of EZdrummer. Will I automatically get a free upgrade?

A: EZdrummer 3 is not a free update, it’s a completely new program including a host of new features as well as a new core sound and MIDI library. As an existing customer, you will however qualify for the generously priced upgrade.

Q: Which version of EZdrummer do I need to qualify for the EZdrummer 3 upgrade pricing?
A: If you have any of the below product variants registered to your Toontrack user account, you qualify:
• EZdrummer – DVD Edition
• EZdrummer – Lite Upgrade
• EZdrummer – Multi License
• EZdrummer – Regular
• EZdrummer 2 – Lite Upgrade
• EZdrummer 2 – Regular
• EZdrummer 2 – Upgrade

Q: Is EZdrummer 3 compatible with my system?
A: Toontrack’s software has been updated to work on the latest macOS Monterey as well as Windows 11. It works on both Intel and Apple silicon systems as well as with all major music software/DAW applications, such as Pro Tools, Cubase, GarageBand, Logic Pro, Reaper, etc. EZdrummer 3 can also be run standalone. If you have questions about compatibility with your DAW and/or your system, feel free to contact support here.

Q: The EZdrummer 3 core library is recorded at Hansa Studios by Michael Ilbert, same as The Rooms of Hansa SDX for Superior Drummer 3. Are the drums the same? Is it the same recording?
A: No, the EZdrummer 3 library is an all-new recording featuring its unique kits, tailored to cover as much width as possible from a songwriting perspective. The Rooms of Hansa SDX focused on capturing a very specific selection of rare boutique drums.

Q: Is the upgrade the exact same as the regular version in terms of content?
A: Yes, 100% the same.

Q: I can’t log in because I forgot my password or which email I used. Can you help?
A: If you forgot your password, please enter your email address on this page and you will receive a link to create a new password via email. If you don’t remember which email address you used, please contact our support team!

Q: What happens to my already installed Toontrack EZXs and MIDI packs when I switch to EZdrummer 3?
A: All your already installed EZXs or Toontrack MIDI packs will be accessible through EZdrummer 3. You will need to download and install updates, though. Any and all updates can be found in your Toontrack user account and/or the Product Manager (recommended).

Q: What happens to my previous version of EZdrummer?
A: EZdrummer 3 does not overwrite any earlier version you may have installed.

Q: What happens to the projects in which I have used an earlier version of EZdrummer?
A: EZdrummer 3 does not overwrite any earlier version. As long as you don’t uninstall your previous version, your old projects remain intact.

Q: Will I be able to access the core sound library from EZdrummer 1 and/or EZdrummer 2 in EZdrummer 3?
A: Yes! Upon product registration, an EZX-formatted version of the core library you own from an earlier version of EZdrummer will be available for download from your Toontrack user account and/or the Product Manager (recommended).

Q: Can the EZdrummer 3 EZX libraries (and future libraries) be used in Superior Drummer 3?
A: Yes, upon installing adequate updates, Superior Drummer 3 can read all already released as well as upcoming EZX libraries.

Q: Can EZdrummer 3 read Superior Drummer SDX sound libraries?
A: No, EZdrummer 3 can only read EZX libraries.

Q: What will happen with EZdrummer 2 now that EZdrummer 3 has been released?
A: On May 3, 2022, EZdrummer 2 will be permanently discontinued and removed from both our online store and from retail outlets currently carrying it. You may still see retailers sell remaining stock beyond May 3, though. If you purchase EZdrummer 2 from a reseller after discontinuation or have a yet-to-be-registered license purchased online, you will still be able to register your product.

Q: Will you still update EZdrummer 2?
A: To further the development of EZdrummer 3, EZdrummer 2 will not be updated beyond May 3, 2022.

Q: Will you continue to produce EZX content for EZdrummer 2?
A: No, upon release of EZdrummer 3, we will only be able to produce EZX content for the new standard.

Q: Is there a trial or demo version available?
A: No, there is currently no trial or demo version available of EZdrummer 3.

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