Do all MIDI packs feature song structure categorization

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  • Paddypaletti

    I gotta say @Toontrack, for a pre-sales forum it is pretty disappointing to leave a simple question like this open for ~2 months. Does no one from support every look in here? That would be a very bad business decision.

    I am still holding off on further major midi pack purchases until this is answered. I have numerous packs that I would be interested in lined up, but you are not getting any more EUR from me until I know what I am buying. I love the song structure categorization, awesome feature! But a little customer service would be nice.


    Your individual sales pages for the packs are not very well structured, otherwise this confusion/question wouldn’t exist in the first place.

    Another example:

    “…organized both as full songs as well as song parts so you can customize, dissect…” So does THAT mean the same as “Song structure categorization (intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, bridge, fills)” like listed for the 21st Century Metal? In the latter it is 100% clear.



    Well I gotta say, leaving a support question – especially a pre-sales question – open for almost 4 months leaves me pretty speechless.

    I was ready to spend major bucks in the sale now with 10 products lined up in my shopping cart. I WILL not support this product line any further now without any support. I am a bit sad.

    Off to GGD I guess.. 🙁


    Sorry for the late reply.

    Most MIDI packs do have song structures (intro, verse, chorus, etc.) Sure are broken down like A,B,C sections like jazz arrangements. It depends on the pack and style.

    The best way to find out is to use the Show Webshop MIDI option in EZD2 or S3. You can then browse every and all MIDI packs from Toontrack and see if they fit your needs.


    Scott Sibley - Toontrack
    Technical Advisor



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    Thank you! Sorry for making such a wave, but I was getting a bit frustrated… 😉


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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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