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  • Scott

    For account issues please contact Toontrack directly via the Contact Support button in the FAQ below and fill out the webform.


    Scott Sibley - Toontrack
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    Phenix 2

    In the mail form

    You can subscribe to my free Youtube channel for the drums (so with a lot of Toontrack )
    > Check it out because there are a lot of demos !


    How do we easily get to feedback/bug reports and new features request on the website.

    why is it so hard to contact you in that regard, no wonder the software is full of little bugs that don’t get addressed immediately, it’s because you are too hard to contact.

    How do I contact you easily ?


    BUG report.

    In Song mode if you use splice and create a section then copy it and then paste to the timeline pointer the pasted version is shifted half a bar to the right and half of it is missing.

    This is totally unusable and I would be very surprised if it hasn’t been reported already.


    UNDO REDO function buttons don’t work.

    The only way you can undo/redo is open EDIT then choose these options.

    This is ridiculous as you are always needing these functions in the editing process and expect them to be one click away at all times.


    SONG MODE audio monitoring not heard.

    When you reposition the playhead in Song mode to quickly hear your edit you don’t hear the daw audio you only hear drums, well that’s as useful as tits on a bull, why would you not want to hear you editing of drums in comparison to the project you are working on, ITS CRAZY LOGIC OR I SHOULD SAY LAZY DEVELOPMENT LOGIC HANDING OVER MORE TIME WASTING TO THE USER.

    We have a MUTE/SOLO functions for those needs in the DAW, from editing perspective of logic I give this software 3 out of 10.

    I don’t tolerate poor logic easily.

    Yet you also can’t hear the Audio track you have loaded to BANDMASTER as a guide track in stand alone mode, this is totally ridiculous logic and the software has no purpose but playing drums on their own to an imaginary project you can’t hear. 😳

    I have been left speechless, I’ve only used this software to place backing tracks to two songs and have discovered so many bugs , poor logic of operation that it would be quicker to do my drums the old fashioned way, just play everything in manually in a DAW and use EZD3 as a sound module.



    When you create a loop point and hit play, it should immediately play from the beginning of loop point, because that’s obviously what you want to work on and hear, the MIDI section below should also be only highlighted within this loop point so if you are happy with what you hear and see you can simply select the midi section and drag it to SONG MODE, this way you can simply choose sections of material and keep building your SONG quickly, but as I said earlier then you go to SONG MODE to complete your project and then you are screwed you can’t hear shit.

    I thought the idea of BANDMASTER was to be able to quickly load an audio file and get a drum track for it, how is this possible with current work flow in stand alone mode.

    I like the fact the position pointer remembers its last position but when you choose or modify a loop point this logic should change so the pointer goes to beginning of loop point then if you place the position pointer elsewhere than it remembers that position until you touch your loop controls, this makes workflow faster and logical otherwise you are continually farting around with the position pointer and loop points, when you consider you have 3 areas of this it becomes a shitstorm of confusion , frustration and time wasting.

    that’s it for now I shall attempt to complete my second song and see what other bugs I will find along the way.

    Love the sounds

    Love the grid Editor

    Love the song mode





    In song mode as you play in this section and have number of loops in the song, while the drums are playing if you place the pointer to edge of loop to stretch it the pointer is unstable and makes it hard to grab the edge of loops.

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