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We NEED linux support!

Requests and Feedback
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  • Andrew Manley

    I would like to second this. Windows 10 is an utter disaster for audio production. I will not use it any more. I WILL be using Linux from now on and if its not supported by Toontrack I’ll find an alternative !


    My experience is that EZDrummer2 works close to 100% in Linux (certainly in Mint 19).

    1. Install the latest version of Wine.
    2. Download the Toontracks Product Manager and run the installer using Wine.
    3. Run the Product Manager in Wine and install all your EZDrummer libraries.
    4. Download and install LinVST, then have it create .so libraries from the EZDrummer .dll files.

    There are more detailed instructions available on the web. Having repeated the above steps recently I’ve had EZDrummer2 working 100%. The only issue I’ve had was when I attempted to change the drum kit while a track was actually playing; the EZDrummer GUI crashed. But when I clicked Play it started playing with the new kit immediately.

    Best of luck.


    I want to add that I’ve today downloaded the EZMix2 demo and installed it in Linux using the above steps and, like EZDrummer2, it just works. I tested a lot of the demo options, put half a dozen instances on a song which has thirty tracks and a lot of existing plugins in the native Linux build of REAPER. I had no buffering issues or CPU performance problems, or skips, or indeed any negatives at all. As a result I’ll be buying EZMix2 and some expansion packs.

    Based on my experience with EZDrummer2 and now EZMix2, Toontrack products are already Linux compatible. The four steps I noted above should work for anyone, at least in Linux Mint and I guess the various Ubuntu flavours (I can’t speak for distros based on anything other than Debian,or using different window managers etc).

    Personally, the only thing I’d ask of Toontrack now is that they publish this information somewhere, so other potential customers – those looking for good tools to support music production in Linux – know how to make them usable. Perhaps a blog post or a FAQ entry?

    Well done Toontrack. You have great products, and I’m delighted they are so effortlessly compatible with native Linux music production.

    Jan Feld


    Whatyou are describing is not Linux Compatibility. You have to thank the WINE Maintainers/Creators in first first line. They made it possible for us to use software, which was designed for Windows on Linux. So Toontrack does not have anything to do with that.

    What Toontrack did is writing a good and mostly stable software software you can use for music production. It It seems well written in terms of dependencies and performance. Other than Bias FX which crashes during opening the GUI the Toontrack products are not dependent on any very special stuff which WINE isn’t capable to deal with by now.

    This is not Linux compatible. It is usable on Linux with some tweaks and tricks.

    Nevertheless Toontrack did some pretty good work on their software. For a very good experience in WINE the software you want to use has to be written good and stable. That seems to apply on here.

    Still, i wish for a native approach.


    Best regards,



    I really need the Linux support as well. I use Linux for work because it’s impossible for me to work on Windows. Now I need to have installed both Linux and Windows, because of EZ Mix not being compatible with Linux.


    A Linux port (even in beta) would be so awesome! I’ve been using EZDrummer and EZKeys under Linux via Wine for a while and it’s 99% usable. The audio part works great, it’s only some GUI glitches that can be annoying when initially working on a drum track (song creator or kit view). Found no solution for that, but I must say recent versions of Wine have been pretty amazing: EZDrummer, EZKeys and even the Toontrack Product Manager and registration process now install and work fine, with the default Wine install and no winetricks at all. I’m using Wine version 4.7 and mainly Harrison Mixbus where I can use EZDrummer with the LinVST bridge. I also use some commercial win64 VSTs from Plugin Alliance/Brainworks that way and these work like a breathe now too.

    @leighelse do you have any issues with the GUI of EZDrummer (flashes/redraw issues) at all ? I’d love to find a solution for that, unless Toontrack releases a Linux version some day, but I doubt that will happen. Maybe just getting in touch with the Wine or Carla & LinVST developpers could allow for a better experience via Wine ? Could this be an option Toontrack ?


    As a frequent user of ezdrummer, ezkeys and ezmix, who recently switched to linux (ubuntu) and is successfully running reaper on it, I would also love to have linux versions of these toontrack programs.


    The only substantial reason i installed win10 is, that i needed EZdrummer. Win10 is fine but I am doing Linux since 2006. A Linux Port would be fine. I’m using Ardour and Mixbus. both great !

    Please ; )

    • This post was modified 1 year ago by sohar.
    Virgil B

    @sohar: I’ve managed to get EZDrummer 2, SD3 (crossgrade), EZMix, and EZKeys to run on my Pop_OS build using Wine and Carla. I run them through Reaper and everything is working so far. The one catch is I can’t install the latest updates of EZDrummer because the updater doesn’t play nice with the file system (and claims EZDrummer is not installed). It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s at least passable until the good folks at Toontrack acknowledge that there is a customer base in the linux community with cash-in-hand.

    Maurizio Mezzatesta

    Don’t get me wrong, I love linux and want all my audio stuff to work on it but I don’t understand how people have so many problems with windows.

    I don’t run AV software, I don’t click strange links, I don’t download any random apps and its all fine. Haven’t had a problem since I went from xpx64 to Win7 pro.

    Glenn Johnson

    Linux has better latency then windows, which is important when using E-drums. I have had windows update to windows 10 on a netbook on it’s own without me knowingly do anything to cause it. The netbook only worked in 32 bit, it now crashes after a few minutes. This could never happen in Linux. Linux can be optimized in ways that windows can not be since windows NT was changed. In Windows vista you could still make some adjustments, but windows 10 has to be mostly disabled with programs that shut down its ability to make changes just to be able to use it. It can not truly be optimized in the way Linux can.

    When you use superior drummer through wine, you add latency leaving E-drum performance not much better than Windows.

    If Superior drummer ran native in Linux it would solve this problem. I know there could be GUI differences, but I would like to hear from Toontrack about whether they will support Linux.

    Israel Roy

    +1 For Linux native support.  I discovered Linux world recently and will try a Reaper based studio with SD3 and see how it goes. According to post I saw Linux users are at 1,5 % of OS user base. Wich I think doubled in recent years. I think there is hope that the Linux community will grab a decent share of the market in the following years at this rate. It makes so much sense for audio production.


    Linux support would definitely make my life a bit easier. +1 on this

    Virgil B

    With MacOS Catalina breaking audio software for multiple applications and people leaving Windows in droves because of their user tracking and forced-update missteps, now is the perfect time to roll out that not-officially-supported Beta version of EZ-Dummer, EZ-Keys, or Superior Drummer.


    Cue the Homerian drool.


    (If you don’t mind.)

Viewing 15 replies - 31 through 45 (of 51 total)