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Ringy Toms :(

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  • Jace Vek

    try izotope RX10.  Thats what Im going to do.   Since the ring is a mid high frequency thing, you might be able to reduce some of it there without destroying the architecture of the punch and womp.

    Scott Martinez

    There is PLENTY you can do to prevent toms from ringing horribly.  Mostly, padding the drums themselves to prevent it.  I have been a recording engineer for quite a while, and if someone’s toms are doing that, you can do the ‘ol Gaffer Tape and toilet paper trick.  It prevents extended ringing.  There are also gel packs some drummers carry with them and they help.

    After you do that to a tom, you get a nice attack and full sound, but without all of that extra ring that muddies up a dense mix.  It’s an easy fix, and why they didn’t include some samples like that is BEYOND me.  That type of ring is OK in a song that has room to breathe, but for dense mixes, it’s awful.

    Scott Martinez, Owner/Engineer
    Audio Cave Recording Studio


    Excellent thread, and very similar to one that I proposed a few months ago. Some great comments,… hopefully Toontrack is listening.

    Musically, I’m not good enough to justify purchasing SD and so I stick with EZD, however, I am appalled by the toms.

    I’ve always been able to find a snare or kick to suit what I am doing but the toms always ring too much,… even all those ones that purport to be towelled and so on.

    As suggested, the toms that are provided might be good in some genres but I prefer something that is more “thud” than “boing”.

    I suggest something like the way Ringo had his toms set for the late ’64 to ’67 period. An even better example would be Cream’s “White Room”. Baker hits those things viciously but the sound dies almost instantly, without being muddy. Makes for a great impact on the fills.

    My suggestion was, and still is, a pack such as the Kicks and Snares but for Toms,… and while Toontrack is working on that they may as well do Hats and Cymbals. Variety not just in gear used but also articulations.

    Regards to all.


    So you think all the Awarded and Amazing Producer /Engineers that Toontrack have enlisted over the years are wrong, not worth their Salt ?

    I have BFD3, AD2,GGD, Mixwave drums as well as SD3 and EZD3.  Most all of them are the same in regards to toms being open and not so muted. Nice and open.

    Toontrack do have plenty of expansions that have deadened and or Muted Toms.

    Primarily they are recorded open so they can ring for ppl who like ring and natural sounds. Once Deadened they are useless to everybody else. That would be shortsighted.                                                                                    If it bothers you , Pony up for SD3, use the Envelope filters on each drum to get the preferred decay, send the Toms to a Tom Buss  also perhaps use a Transient designer to Punch up the Attack further and Comp.EQ to taste as swell like is normally done by the mix engineer.

    Any how Toontrack do have expansions that have deadened and or Muted Toms.

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    If you could name the EZX packs then that would be appreciated. I have spent a small fortune on EZX’s and even the ones that purport to have “towelled” or deadened Toms still ring too much.

    I do like your suggestion about using an envelope tool. I haven’t tried them on Toms.

    For those of us that aren’t sound engineers, I would still suggest that there is a place for some deadened samples “straight out of the box”. Nobody in this thread seems to be saying there shouldn’t be ringy Toms,… I think they just want some variety.

    I see that EZD3 has a “towelled” kit. It would be good to hear some opinions on how “dead” the samples are for that kit.


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