Big Rock Drums EXZ too quiet

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  • John


    it depends on Presets as well and volume/loudness varies between EZXs, Presets, drums used and the playing.
    E.g. I bounced a Song Track with the EZD3 Main Room and got a LUFS of -17,6. The same Track bounced with a preset from the Big Rock Drums gave a LUFS of -22,7. On the other hand, the same Track bounced with a Preset from the Alt-Rock EZX yielded a LUFS of -23,9, which is lower. Playing the drums differently will certainly give me other results.
    You can raise the total output volume a few dB’s with the output volume in the lower right corner.


    John Rammelt - Toontrack
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    Big Rock Drums EZX is unique : it was made to sound like rock’n’roll – hard rock in the 7O’s

    with the bands like Deep purple and especially Led Zeppelin

    the sound is not modern and it can sound dark vs the other EZX

    You can subscribe to my free Youtube channel for the drums (so with a lot of Toontrack )
    > Check it out because there are a lot of demos !

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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