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  • zenwarlord

    Thank you!


    SDX, unless I’m missing something, is a Superior Drmmer file. It gets handled in the Toontrack Installation Manager.   I’m not sure what you mean by SDX Installer in relation to EZ Keys, and I have yet to try right-clicking on anything in Installation Manager.


    I just wanted to be clear what you mean exactly.


    Thank you for this post and for the list you’ve been compiling. I’ve avoided buying more EZX expansions because I’m afraid of doubling up on something I already own.  Some clarification on all of this from Toontrack would be extremely helpful, and it would encourage people who own all of the SDX expansions (like myself) to purchase more EZX epansions! Thanks again!

    Same here.  Its worrisome – the price of an EZX is a lot of money – buying one and finding out its samples are from the same recording of your already much enhanced SDX is a big loss.


    Here’s the list I was working on (I know the dates  aren’t exactly right – I thought dates would be helpful because some of the newer sessions have different characteristics – some SDX’s are arguably better more recently and maybe their EZX’s have something improved over early ones as well but I don’t have experience with EZX stuff – I’m just guessing):


    SDX By Alphabetical Order:
    Custom and Vintage SDX (related to Vintage Rock EZX) (2010)
    Death & Darkness SDX (related to Death Metal EZX) (2019)
    Decades SDX (related to Big Band EZX) (2019)
    Fields of Rock SDX (as yet unknown relation) (2021)
    Indiependent SDX (related to Indie Folk EZX) (2015)
    Legacy of Rock SDX (related to Classic Rock EZX) (2020)
    Metal Machinery SDX (related to Metal Machine EZX) (2015)
    Music City USA SDX (related to Nashville EZX) (2012)
    New York Studios Vol 1 SDX (related to Pop/Rock EZX) (2013)
    New York Studios Vol 2 SDX (related to Pop/Rock EZX) (2013)
    New York Studios Vol 3 SDX (related to Pop/Rock EZX) (2013)
    New York Avatar (library that ships w Superior Drummer 2 (related to Pop/Rock EZX (and core EZX kit) (2013)
    Orchestral Percussion SDX (2919)
    Roots SDX – Brushes Rods & Mallets (related to Jazz EZX) (2012)
    Roots SDX – Sticks (related to Jazz EZX) (2012)
    The Metal Foundery SDX (related to Metal Heads EZX) (2009)
    The Progressive Foundery SDX (related to Progressive EZX) (2015)
    The Rock Foundery SDX (related to Hard Rock EZX) (2017)
    The Rock Warehouse SDX (related to Hard Rock EZX) (2014)
    The Rooms of Hansa SDX (as yet unknown relation) (2020)


    Thanked by: Rob Lee

    Where is nudge?

    And where is swing? Or the functionality of Groove FX within BFD2/BFD3?

    Failing that, can someone send me to the link that has the mapping rules of Superior Drummer 3, so that I can route BFD3 to control the sounds within Superior Drummer 3?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)