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  • Scott Eshleman


    SUPERIOR DRUMMER 3 PROJECT FILES (from the SD3 manual)
    Projects saved from the file menu include essentially everything that you see in all of Superior Drummer 3’s tabs. This includes items that a SD3 Preset (loaded from the Presets selection menu) would not. Saved in a SD3 Project are the following:

    1. Drums selected / Bleed Levels
    2. Property Box States
    3. Macro Controls
    4. Song Track
    5. Groove Tab filters
    6. Selected grooves
    7. Edit Play Style State
    8. Grid editor adjustments
    9. Mixer Tab (including all effect settings and levels).
    10. Mixer Visibility
    11. Tracker Files
    12. All Tracker Settings
    13. Global settings and window sizes / scale
    14. 16-bit state
    15. Cache mode
    16. Master Volume
    17. Bounce Volume
    18. MIDI learn

    PRESET =

    Superior Drummer 3’s Drums and Mixer Presets offer a unique selection of drums that have been fully mixed and processed by a variety of producers to achieve a specific sonic goal. This includes any combination of level, panning, effect processing, and Property Box alterations that the producer desired to achieve the particular sound.    …(and) allow the user to load any desired sound preset without loosing any work that has been completed on the Song Track or in the Tracker tab.


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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