Which EZX For Nirvana/Dave Grohl Sounds?

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  • Jay Coover

    The Metal Foundry has some big kicks and modern snares hit pretty damn hard. I’d suspect that Metal Machine, DFH, or Metal Heads might have similar.

    Not confusing Nirvana with metal, just sayin’ the drum sounds can be similar, at least with these kits.

    I know you’d want to avoid the type of metal kick where you have that bottom EQed out of it with a plastic beater hitting a metal pad (all click) on the head or something like that. Hate that sound.

    SD 2.3 NY vol 2/Metal Foundry/C & V/Roots 1 & 2/Music City Latin Percussion/Funkmasters/The Classic/Jazz/Pop!/#1 Hits/Electronic/Twisted/Claustrophobic EZKeys 1.1 with all the trimmings

    Phenix 2

    i look for specific tones like Dave has too and Phil Collins or Chad Smith too
    i have listened to a lot of presets
    nothing ‘s good

    You can subscribe to my free Youtube channel for the drums (so with a lot of Toontrack )
    > Check it out because there are a lot of demos !

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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