Where is change speed function (1/2 or 2x) in EZ Drummer2

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  • Billy Procell

    I would like to cast my vote as well. This is the 1 mode that I miss from EZDrummer 1. Going into Half time, or 2x could really help with the flow of auditioning.

    So +1 from me.

    Jarkko Myllari

    Yes, this, yes – I need the global preview in half/double/etc. tempo too! This used to be awesomely handy on ezd1

    Clean Reals

    poor implementation…time waster


    Totally agree, this is a dumb and annoying aspect of EZ2 that I wish they would remove

    Carl Dente

    Did they fix this yet? The thread was started in 2014…

    Edit: Of course I found the answer 30 seconds after I posted it. Check out the screen shot! They fixed it nicely:)


    Great Job Toontrack!

    Tuneage Daydream

    can’t be said loud enough ——a jaw dropping fail

    I wanna bite the screen!

Viewing 6 replies - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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