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  • CRitchie

    I agree with others here. Toontrack needs to step up here. Without VST3 support my entire EZ-Keys library is rendered useless in my favorite composing tools. And all the 40% off sales in the world will not entice me to purchase more if I can’t use them.

    marco davis

    I agree with a lot of the sentiment here.  I want to upgrade to Cubase 12 but I am nervous about losing plugins (mainly Toontrack) that I use regularly.  It may be old-school thinking, but if I buy something I want it to last as long as possible – preferably a life time.  I have not spent a lot compared to others and I am still running older versions of things such as Sup. D 1 and Cubase 9 Artist.  If they work I do not want to upgrade for small benefits at the risk of losing tools that I like.  It seems to be a mentality of many tech companies that prevails today.  My mobile phone is only five years old but some apps don’t load on it anymore so I am encouraged to buy another phone.  Tech companies change the apps so devices don’t work.  I think this is by design to get people to spend more.  The more tech companies conduct themselves like this the less likely I am to trust them and purchase their products.

    While on a whinge, it is disappointing that I need to have certain products to read certain forums at Toontrack.  If I want to see the good and bad of these plugins before buying them I want to read the forums.  It discourages me from purchasing the product.  Is there something to hide?  Ongoing problems?

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    Olaf Podendorf

    It would be really nice if Toontrack could take a stand here at least once. Toontrack, have you written off the EZKeys users yet? It is now October 2022 and you get the impression that you are not interested in the problem. Are you looking to come out with a new version of EZKeys that you then want to force current EZKeys users to buy? Just be honest and take a stand.
    Greetings OlliP

    Steve McCullough

    Hi. I have spent some time trying to figure out why EZMIX isn’t working in Cubase on my Apple Silicon MacBook despite being stated as being compatible at version 2.2 in the Toontrack software manager. I have stumbled upon this thread which has now made me realise that there must not be a VST 3 version, is there any plans to update EZMIX to VST 3 or is there some kind of compatibility chart somewhere? Thanks. Steve

    john larson

    is the new ez keys synthwave vst 3 ? the compatibility chart says it works with every version of Cubase after version 6….does that include version 12?

    thanks ……………john

    Michael Norwood

    Working fine with Cubase 12 here


    EZkeys is VST 2, which works in Cubase 12 except in native mode on Apple silicon Macs.

    Olof Hermansson - Toontrack

    Blue Fire

    The EZ keys don’t work in native M1 in cubase 12 please update the plugin

    Also it is impossible to contact the company directly…. it is a very poor service

    Colin McSkeane

    I can confirm EZ Keys does not work/show with Cubase 12 Pro in native Apple Silicon mode. It only works in Cubase under Rosetta, so hoping for an update also.

    Juan Manuel

    Still, no VST3 for EZMix. Why is Toontrack so slow with the updates? It’s been two years since this blog, three since the first Apple silicon. All other companies caught on just fine.

    Cubase users are being left in the dark here and as usual, no clear answer from Toontrack. I find myself one more year skipping Black Friday deals because what’s the point if it doesn’t work?

    Steve McCullough

    Yes I agree that this is a poor show and disappointing. Have unfinished and archived projects which use EZMix and its currently the only plugin I have which doesn’t support what is now a very old standard in VST3. Don’t see why I should compromise or keep resetting cubase to use Rosetta, just for one Toontrack plugin and therefore just avoiding using it instead seems like the simpler option and that leaves a bad taste in the mouth. If there is some major technical limitation preventing this or if its no longer being fully supported, it would be at least good to see and update with more info on that so we at least know; that or just release it as a paid upgrade. Anything is better than just continually checking for updates year after year only to be disappointed.

    A H

    “EZkeys is VST 2, which works in Cubase 12 except in native mode on Apple silicon Macs.”

    Why are you even saying this? I don’t know which is worse: either it points to sheer incompetence, or it’s a straight-up attempt to deceive the customers.

    In the first case: Do you realize that it means that we can’t use ANY plugins in Native mode if we’re to use the Toontrack instruments? Which means our full projects will not be able to utilize more than (at best) 50-60% of the full CPU capacity? And less than adequate stability.

    It’s bad enough that there was a time limit on the upgrade path for SD2 customers, but pulling this is just apalling customer service.


    EZkeys has been discontinued for some time now and is no longer being updated.

    EZkeys 2 however comes with the VST3 component and has native Apple Silicon compatibility.

    Rickard - Toontrack Music
    Make music - it´s EZ!

    Steve McCullough

    But not EZMix right?


    Hi Steve,

    if I recall correctly EZmix2 has been Silicon Native for about 1,5 years, with the exception of the AAX version, which has been native for about a year.


    John Rammelt - Toontrack
    Technical Advisor

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