Superior Drummer 3 vs EZ Drummer 3 (Bandmate Feature)

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  • sumskilz

    Bandmate doesn’t exist in Superior Drummer 3, so you pretty much answered your own question. Other than that, maybe you’ll want the EZdrummer 3 sound library, but that seems to be it.


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    Good question, particularly why Toontrack has introduced new features in ED3 but not updated SD. Perhaps cynically, it makes me wonder if Toontrack are forcing us to buy both products, despite the premium price for SD. I’m a songwriter, too and can see a lot of benefit in Bandmate although I’ve only just heard about it. So, now writing a song I have to choose between ED3 and SD tracks. ED3 has Bandmate but not SD. SD sounds great and was superior to ED2 but now is falling behind? Poor product planning, Toontrack. I expected better. I raised this with them and got some rubbish corporate reply.


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    I just upgraded to SD3 from SD2.  From watching tutorials to better familiarize myself with the features in SD3 I ran across the video for bandmate in EZD3.  Then started looking for the feature in SD3, because I have a groove in a rhythm guitar part I’d like to match and found out it only works in the Tracker feature with drum grooves, even deciphering the different kit pieces into their respective midi part.   If by miscalculation and picks up the snare as a tom or vice versa, or any number of other similar drums, it has a menu so the part can be reassigned.   What I’m wondering is if I took the recorded rhythm guitar, and dropped the part into tracker, then assigned it to say a Tom, which is the essence of what I’m going after in a Bo Didley style beat for the song, if it would work similar to bandmate?  It would make sense then some hits in the translation could be reassigned from the Tom hits to another track like a kick.  For the most part it is the transients of the rhythm groove part I’m playing on the guitar I’m looking to capture.  It also makes me wonder if there will be an update for SD3 to add bandmate as a feature, because technically it’s almost there, or do the plan on adding it in an SD4 version and have to pay for an upgrade?  The Caveats is there is no crossgrade pricing from SD2 to SD3, so full price was the cost to upgrade, but if I needed the bandmate feature of EZD3 I could of purchased it first and then get crossgrade price for SD3.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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