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Moving EZX libraries to external disk

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  • Tormod Guldvog

    I’m trying to move all my Toontrack products to an external drive on a new M1 Mac Studio. I’m old and slow so this is appears to be a daunting process. Does anyone have an easy solution? I probably have 500 GB of files. I just can’t have that much taken on my HD. Please advise.

    Operating system: macOS Monterey (12)

    I think the procedure is different for the various products.

    For EzBass for example:

    I just went through reinstalling 83 Toontrack products on a new Mac and you really need to pay attention when you install things.

    For a company which puts so much effort into their software, it’s incredible how bad their product “manager” is.

    (It’s not really a manager IMHO. It’s a container which lets you see all your products and then manually do every.single.step in the installation process, over and over and over for each product. No automation apart from “Authorize all”.).

    Operating system: macOS Monterey (12)


    the procedure for moving expansions and MIDI described in that FAQ is valid for all the EZ instrument products; EZdrummer 2/3, EZkeys and EZbass, just replace ‘EZbass’ in the instructions with ‘EZkeys’ or ‘EZdrummer’.


    John Rammelt - Toontrack
    Technical Advisor

Viewing 2 replies - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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