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Final Bounce is so frustrting

Requests and Feedback
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  • lee_ell1

    I have read every reply on this topic and am still sitting here wondering exactly how to get a stereo file with an exact match of the audio I get in SD3. I’ve spent about two weeks working with multiple projects and perfecting each plugin on the Sub Group Busses and then MOST IMPORTANTLY the Out 1/2 Master Fader. The Busses have Tape Sim/Comp/Eq that feed into the Out 1/2 with a perfect amount FX layering that is really something I can’t replicate in a DAW, it is just a rabbit hole of FX that took me too long to perfect for punchiness and clarity. It was a nightmare when I realized I couldn’t export this as a simple Stereo Wav bounce that I can mix with other instruments or slightly re-tweak snare levels e.g. and export again later.

    MAIN THING here is the disappoinment of a simple lack of rendering capability within the program! If each mic is routed to a Group and then routed to the Main Out 1/2 with an FX strip then shouldn’t I be able to simply render my mix as a Stereo Wav with all of the Groups getting hit with the final FX?? I read a few replies explaining how to re route each mic fader to separate Outs for exporting as separate files, instead of each mic fader pre mixer. I have no interest in pre mixer at this point. I tried a few different ways of exporting separate Outs (1/2 3/4..). But AGAIN that is not in any way even close to what I’m looking for. The defining sound is in the way the FINAL MASTER FX strip hits everything. And the most incredible part is one of the mixes I have with a MASTER Echo on it, the exported WAV results with different echo timing than my 1/8 notes and even varying tempos on the drum groove upon every export! And as others have already stated multiple times the dB and clarity is just atrocious on the exported wavs. What is really going on here? SD3 simply can’t handle the load of FX upon rendering.

    If there is a way to get a simple rendering of all mic channels > Groups > Main Out 1/2 with a perfect replication of the quality in the Program or a simple work around with a few different Outs and copying FX strips to get something very very close can someone please explain in plain english? For the amount of money this program should have this ESSENTIAL BASIC NEED AND WANT! Absolutely unbelievable! THE FINAL FX STRIP IS VERY IMPORTANT!


    Hi lee_ell1,

    would it be possible for you to zip an SD3 project where the Stereo output of the plugin does not match with a Bounce through the Mixer, with the MIDI on the Song Track?


    John Rammelt - Toontrack
    Technical Advisor

Viewing 2 replies - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)