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EzDrummer with TD20?

E-drum Workshop
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  • Joe

    I’ve used EZDrummer with a TD-10, and know a few people in another forum who have used it with a TD-20.

    Basically, it comes down to changing a few output MIDI Note numbers in the TD-20’s kit and tweaking the triggering parameters section until the response feels natural.  (all of this is achieved in the TD-20, the changing of MIDI Note numbers will only effect the currently selected kit in the TD-20 and you can tweak the trigger settings in an unused Trigger bank … if there is an unused one.).

    Yes, the variable HiHat in the TD-x modules will control the variable EZDrummer hats (quite well, in fact).  Change the TD-20 output MIDI Note of the HiHat bow to 12 and the edge to 11 and that is all you should have to do.  (I’ve also heard that notes 9 and 8 respectively may be the way to go, try both combos).


    I’m a newbie to EZdrummer who owns a TD10 (running a windows systems with Protools).  Most of the notes match in EZD but my sidestick and extra hi-hat trigger are triggering the wrong sounds.  How do I map this in my TD10?


    Great. I just started with ezd2 connected to my td20X via a um-one (midi to usb) connection. Is there a preferable laptop to use for EZD2? With as little ass possible latency?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)