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  • Scott

    Check out the EZdrummer product page and click the ‘Compatibility’ tab to find DAWs that are tested and supported.

    EZdrummer 2

    Scott Sibley - Toontrack
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    Harry Vanderploeg

    That was to EZ
    Thank you!!!!


    Try out REAPER.

    It won’t cost you to load and use it in evaluation mode.

    …and it’s not expensive to buy a licence anyway.


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    I second REAPER. I find it pretty easy to navigate and as mentioned, free to evaluate.


    Unfortunately Reaper daw doesn’t always work as well with ez drummer as they say..its “supposed to” work seamlessly,  but I’ve had problems like other where it cant load as a vsti , and you’re left with using ez drummer as a stand alone program , very frustrating..and the worst part yet is theres no “fix” ..ive also been trying to record my bass but it gives me an error that, you guessed it, can’t be solved ! Yayyyy how fun!! Please try another daw as reapers support , if it gets back to me, probably won’t offer to remotely try to fix my issues (suprise suprise). I’ve gone back and forth with emails to no avail! Their fucking useless , and to think after 2 years dealing with this daw im still at a stand still. Exhausting to say the least!!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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