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Beatstation sales?

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  • Tom

    I didn’t arouse my interest either. Looks like a toy.

    Mark Farrell

    Toy’s a little harsh I mean I could see why people would like it, it just wasnt for me. But the intention wasnt to start a negative thread, i was just interested to know if it had been well received by the toontrack customers, sales wise? Has it gone so well that we can expect more products like this in the future? or a step back to the more traditional drum packs? not that they ever stepped away 😉

    triple D

    I almost purchased it, but then I was told it has only one stereo output,
    And that for a VST sampler. I can’t route it elegantly to my mixer.
    I only use samples for drums so I now use the Groove agent one from Cubase.
    If beatstation get more outputs I will definately buy it.
    That it’s looking like a toy, I have to agree. The whole beatstationwebsite is also aimed at the new generation of producers I guess.
    With all the bright colours, tutorials and I think they integrated some portion from EZmix, also not an in depth sonictool.
    But given the price and the functionality of the interface (customizable and such), yeah, good product.

    Superiordrummer2.0&EZdrummer&EZX electronics-Cubase5-wavelabS6.1Steinberg virtual bassist-Korg KLCAE07-Tone2 Filterbank3&Bifilter-AM Kicklab XXL-D16 Phoscyon & toraverb-GPO-GSi tape echo-UAD CambridgeEQ&Precision limiter.

    Dave Modisette

    A toy?  In that it’s fun to play with, you could call it that.  I find myself tinkering with it a lot more than I thought I would.  (I NEVER buy anything that has the word “Beat” on it.) 

    But just now, I just found myself opening up a mic channel in my iso booth and recording a sample of ambient room noise which I couldn’t hear until I used the Normalize in the the sample recorder.  I took the fizzy mic self noise and then dropped it on top of the LOWBIT BTX library’s Hi Hat pad.  I then pitch shifted the noise and adjusted the envelope settings and the timing offset till I got this cool sounding sputter hihat sound. 

    If you enjoy doing that kind of stuff it’s pretty cool.  The program is a lot deeper than the neon colors imply and I have to admit that some programs that have the word “Beat” on them can even be interesting for a 56 year old to “play” with. 

    Dave Modisette

    I bought it the other day on a whim, (been using ezd) and at first i was like, huh?  Why did I buy this?

    I started playing with it like a toy, but as I got a lot deeper into it, I figured out what a really sweet tool this really is.

    The manual is a two page picture pdf that gives the basics, and the videos quickly how to use the basic functions. 

    Not a lot of detail but I think that is intentional.

    It fully delivers on the sales promise, “it is what you want it to be”

    Mark Williams

    ORIGINAL: UndergroundGuitarist

    It fully delivers on the sales promise, “it is what you want it to be”

    I want Beatstation to be my personal assistant and my butler.
    I want it to do my laundry and make my bed. I want it to clean out the mold from my A/C. I want it to stop the milk from spoiling before I use all of it, and I want it to pay all my bills and do my taxes for me. I also want it to import my favorite beers from Belgium and my favorite cheeses from France. I want it to get me into first class on flights and get me priority shipping upgraded for free on all my online purchasing. I want it to listen to the deepest longings of my heart when my wife is already asleep and I want it to make my studio smell like lavender. I would like it to stop the progression of the military industrial complex in my home country and give me good advice for investing in green companies while on the way home from a more stable and predictable job. I want it to teach me how to bake awesome bread and I want it to ensure that the Tar Heels never lose to Duke again. I want beatstation to be the answer to world peace and write all my songs for me. There, I said it. I want beatstation to do and be all those things. Can it deliver all that? Please say yes. Please, for the love of God, say yes.

    Wow, sorry, guys. I didn’t get enough sleep last night.

    (I hope this was taken with the simple humor I intended. I’m not knocking Beatstation or Toontrack in any way, shape, or form. Their products have totally transformed my studio work for the better, and I recommend them to anyone in the business. With their track record, I’m sure Beatstation is well worth checking out.)

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    I bought a Playstation 3 and it said ‘It only does everything’. Does it wax my car? Hell NO! Did it turn my wife into Daisy Duke like I asked it to? Nooo it didn’t!! I promptly brought that mis-advertised hunk of plastic back to the store and bought some Turtle Wax and a pair of beer goggles.

    …I kid sweetie, I kid.

    Scott Sibley - Toontrack
    Technical Advisor


    How long has it been out? A couple of months?
    Let’s look back on it after a year.
    I’ve just started using it and right now it seems like a great stereo ‘do anything’ plug-in in Logic.
    Need a quick perc loop, or a guide synth part, or a rex guitar part.
    It’s so easy and delivers a lot of different sounds for the price.

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