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  • Rainer Schulte

    Yo Folks!

    I found a very simple solution that works!

    When you have Items in your Cart in the main navigation and only get the pull down of your cart, but not the checkout-window, you must change the last word in the URL-Bar into “cart”. This will lead you to the checkout page and lets you change the Order or place it finally with heading forward to payment section.

    When purchased, you will find the downloads in product manager and you can authorize and download it from there easily.
    Unfortunately my Laptop is connected with WiFi, so that the Dowload of the Soundlibrary took approx. 12 h….
    God bless you have a better Internet-Connection than me Smile

    I think we can close this here.

    horny christmas! KissLaugh


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    Rainer Schulte

    Hi Folks!

    I have the same Problem. I have cleared all Caches and I get the Cart-Logo but the Cart is not opened. In the meantime I have two in my bucket, but only want one.
    How do I update my Cart and checkout?

    Kind regards

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)