House Decors - Minimalist and Simple Home Decoration - House Decors - Besides being cheaper, making a kitchen cabinet, aka an open kitchen set, can make the kitchen seem more spacious. However, if Toppers chooses to make an open kitchen like this, be sure to tidy it up diligently. Using the ladder as a shelf is now a trend. Not only functional, Toppers can also make every room look more attractive. House Decors - Who would have thought something as simple as insulation could be created by Toppers into a very attractive home decor element. Use insulation with a color according to your taste and then create a pattern on the wall. Also make sure that the size of the pattern and the color of the insulation match the color of the walls. House Decors - Apart from patterns, Toppers can also create images using insulation. The thing to remember is to always clean the walls first from dirt and dust so that the insulation can adhere firmly.