Time to make famouse drummer expansions?

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  • gus_vccs

    I agree


    word wipe

    First of all, love your Superior Drummer 3 product, both the SDX and EZX lines.

    But maybe its time to make another approach to the expansion lines since its very much the same.
    I like the idea with the famous producer expansions, but what about making expansions with famous drummer?

    GGD drums has just done it with Benny Greb:
    Benny Greb Signature Pack

    And its a great idea, since a lot of famous drummer has a very recognizable sound. eg. Dave Weckl, Simon Phillips, Peter Erskine, Benny Greb, Steve Gadd, Jojo Mayer, Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Jordan etc.. the list is long.

    invite them into a studio, and let them play on their normale kit.

    I know you have done a EZX expansions with Ash Sloan, but that is as a producer, and actually its not the same sound as if you hear him play in his studio on several YouTube clips.

    Just my 2 cent😊

    Right! Given how many well-known drummers have instantly distinctive sounds, it’s a fantastic concept

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    Great idea – would be very popular too i’m sure.  Just let guys like, or example, Vinnie Appice, do their thing for a couple hours, and turn it all into thousands of midi files.  Would be great for all the fantastic drummers out there too.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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