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Ride Cymbal request

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  • Henrik

    Right click on the ride, and select “More > Route Instrument Microphones”.
    The ride should be the selected instrument on the left side. In this view you can route the audio from each instrument to any mixer channel.

    The instrument marked as “Close” microphone (“OH Dyn” for the ride in Superior Drummer 3 library) is the instrument’s main microphone. Route that to it’s own mic channel in the mixer, to avid having it blended with the other instruments in the OH Dyn mixer channel.

    Click the blue “OH Dyn” on the right side and in the bottom – select “Create New Channel”. Now a new channel will be created in the mixer, where the audio from the ride into the OH Dyn microphone will be routed.

    This way of working and mixing can be a bit confusing in the beginning, since it’s not possible to split up microphones by instruments like this in the real world, but it’s a powerful feature that lets you achieve things not possible behind a real mixing desk…

    Henrik Ekblom - User Experience Designer


    Thanked by: gunmetalgrey91 and Ryo Iwasaki

    Related question: I’m trying to create a setup with two rides, one on each side. Problem is, even though I can route their close mic sounds through two separate mixer channels and pan those channels L and R, the bleed sound from both rides will still be R on the ambience channels. As far as I know there is no way to pan instruments independently within the ambience channels, correct me if I’m wrong. So to build this double ride setup, do I have to just leave ambience (and OH) sound out from the rides?


    Check this video explaining the procedure of separate tracks to cymbals and rides

    Hope it helps

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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