Record in Real Time Like SD1?

Superior Drummer 3 Pre-sales
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  • Bob Muso
    Superior Drummer 3 is a virtual instrument that gives the user a
    fully malleable multi-track drum recording, and all of the tools necessary to program, mix, and produce this drum
    recording in any way imaginable.

    Toontrack’s core value with respect to sound has always been realism. To achieve this goal the recording of the
    Superior Drummer 3 core library was captured in such detail that it allows the software engine to recreate a
    drum performance full of every nuance and subtle quality that makes it sound unmistakably human. This
    recording detail in combination with nearly 2 decades of software development provides the user with endless
    sound shaping options, and the most advanced drum production tool available.

    Record MIDI Method:

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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