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Pushing a chord change

EZkeys Pre-sales
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  • HenrikHenrik

    Yes you can place chord changes on other places than bars. You use the Chord Tool (left of the song track) to add or remove chords from the song track. The more you zoom in on the track, the finer will the resolution be – which decides where you can place the chords.

    One way to accomplish this is to:
    – press the “add new song block button”, top left of the song track. Add one block for each chord you’d like
    – place the blocks so the chord changes are where you want them
    – select all blocks, right click and select “Merge Selected Blocks” – so they are more manageable. 8 bars is a pretty good size for each block in many cases.
    – Select “Use Browser MIDI” and preview different play styles with your added chords.
    – finish by clicking “Replace” when you have found a MIDI groove that works

    Henrik Ekblom - User Experience Designer


    Thank you for the reply Henrik. I downloaded the demo and followed your process. I was able to anticipate a chord change by an 1/8th note reasonably well. Some patterns, typically the busier ones, worked and filled the additional duration, others left an awkward gap. Being able to quickly preview styles in the browser really helped with this and I could tell ones that might work visually by the piano roll within the measure. Your information helped me to quickly try things. Much appreciated.


    I`facing the same problem as Ken did  –  Thanks to you Henrik for the solution  (and Ken for the question, too) 🙂


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)