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Product Manager
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  • rixa

    I created my account today and can log into the Toontrack website. When I attempt to log into product manger it does not allow me to, and says “the user name or password is not correct.” I’ve double-checked to see this is correct. I attempted the password recovery from the PM login, and it tells me there is no account associated with my email address, despite being able to log into the website. I am not able to download the SD3 sound library because product manager will not let me log in.

    Operating system: macOS Ventura (13)

    We can see that you have been in contact with our support team and that the issue is now resolved.

    Rickard - Toontrack Music
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    Robert Lottman

    I’m getting the same thing and I know what my passwords are.

    Operating system: Windows 11

    Hi Robert,

    could you please elaborate? Are you not able to log in to the PM and/or are you getting “no account associated” message?
    The first things to check is of course if you have caps lock on or a different Input Source e.g. German keyboard instead of English (or vice versa).


    John Rammelt - Toontrack
    Technical Advisor

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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