Music City… Downloadable?

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  • Scott

    No SDX is available for full download, only partial ‘teaser’ download to tide you over until the box gets to you. The Music City SDX is no different.

    Now, get on getting ‘teased’.

    Scott Sibley - Toontrack
    Technical Advisor


    Thanks for the reply… just thought I would give the heads up as I was under the impression that NO SDX was full download but when I didn’t see any disclaimer of the likes of “Teaser” it got my hopes up 


    It is a bit confusing, especially since Sweetwater is listing Music City as available right now for digital delivery with no mention of it being a half downloadable/half boxed version. This also leads to another question: is the boxed version available right now from distributors like Sweetwater and GC?


    When buying any SDX product from Sweetwater or GC, you will be emailed a serial number as well as shipped a Toontrack VSSD box with install discs. The “half boxed version” is to hold you over till the VSSD install boxes arrive.

    Bill Terrill - Toontrack

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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