Is EZBass getting a Key Signature Editor?

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  • Brian Owens

    Maybe this feature is right around the corner or maybe the documentation is inconsistent.  On this EZB manual page it talks about a key signature editor in EZBass.

    The song track also has its own global menu in the navigation bar, the Track menu. In here you find view options for the song track, as well as common functions, such as opening the time and key signature tracks, as well as importing and exporting MIDI.

    But in chapter 9 there is no mention of this menu item.

    Tempo and time signature are available through the Track menu but not key signature, unless it is hiding.  I’m using EZB 1.1.8 and do not see an update available in the product manager.  Hopefully this is not a typo and we can soon look forward to key signature track in this version of EZB.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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