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EZdrummer Pre-sales
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  • Hektorianusz

    Hi Toontrack,

    I have a question from Ez drummer2. I try the demo version at moment, but I don’t find the GRID EDITOR section. I can’t to edit my individual drum . If I buy the official EZdrummer2 , then will the GRID editor to work? Thanks.



    I have just downloaded the demo version of EZdrummer to use with my Roland TD20 kit.

    I have installed on a Windows 10 laptop, and configured to the Roland kit setting. I appreciate that it is an old machine, so has some delay, even with the ASIO driver (about 11ms).

    My immediate response, was how great the cymbals are, including realistic swells and decays, but I do have some issues (is there any way to download the manual apart from via Help in the app?

    First issues:

    1. Trigger mapping. Some triggers fire the same drum/cymbal as others, rather than mapping to individual drum/cymbals.
    2.  Snare hits ‘machine-gun’ as distinct hits, rather than blending as I do faster rolls.
    3. There is no positional sensing on the snare
    4. Strange dynamics on all drums.




    Thanked by: tobemusic

    No me termina de realizar la compra con tarjeta de crédito, me da error cuando enpieza la autorización con distintas tarjetas?

    Que puedo hacer para comprarlo?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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