How choose between Superior 3 and EZ3?

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  • John


    from the top of my mind, I’d say:

    • Stacking sounds
    • Advanced Property editing , like Envelopes, Pitch FX, Velocity Gate
    • The Tracker for converting drum audio files to MIDI on your SD3 Song Track
    • The more advanced Mixer – Inserting EQ, Compressors, Limiters, etc and adding Reverb/FX
    • Adding extra Mixer channels and routing instruments/articulations

    I’m sure there’s more but that’s just some stuff that I came to think of.


    John Rammelt - Toontrack
    Technical Advisor


    Hi, In short you can say that Superior Drummer 3 still has more options when it comes to customizing and really deep diving into tweaking your drum sounds.

    You can watch videos and more on the Superior Drummer 3 product page and our Youtube channel. The available EZdrummer 3 info can be found here:

    But more info to come!

    Gabriele Rossi

    Hi, thank you for your quick replies..
    I think I’ll go with EZ3 now. The upgrade from Ez2 should be quite easier and lighter than the upgrade to Superior3 (which is a bit intimidating in terms of space needs).
    I guess that, on top of all the improvements, the ability to edit the midi file right inside EZ3 should be the key to solving my needs…

    Thank you!


    Aren’t the superior sampling libraries also of much higher quality? Like more samples and everything?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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