EZMix is brilliant!

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  • Greg Johnson

    I agree!

    I am working on a song using the Custom & Vintage library and I am mixing the individual kit pieces with EZMix. I can confidently categorize the sound of the drums in this project as Kick – *ss!!!

    I’ve got drums, 2 guitars, and bass tracks so far, and since the drums already sound great, the other parts are fitting in nicely.

    It sounds good, so it must be good.

    I am looking forward to trying the vocal presets in EZMix when the time comes, too.


    chris byrne

    Here’s what I love about it: I usually spend too much time eqing and compressing and tweaking individual instruments that I lose momentum in the writing/creating process. It drives me nuts when I want to get on with a song I’m doing but the kick is getting on my nerves. EZMix puts everything in the ballpark at least. Sometimes the first preset I choose nails it on the head! Think I’ll start making templates using EZMix so I can just open one up and I’m rockin’.
    This is a great tool not only for tones but for saving time. I love it!

    Fantastic product, for sure. Can we expect more presets in the future? Please say yes.

    Edit: Tons more to use for kicks would be appreciated, as that’s the hardest thing to get to sound good.


    I played around with it for the first time a few days ago.
    A great little tool. You can just load any preset and quite often something nice occurs.
    Handy piece of software to have in the kit back methinks.


    EZMix is useful, and for the price it is not worth argueing much about this. There are, however, a few presets missing – piano, strings and organ comes to mind. I hope to see these in the next version. EZMix ought to at least cover all instruments usually found in popular music.

    That said, I have just bought the Waves CLA signature plugins. These are much more useful to me and give me better results. But they also cost about 10 times the price of EZMix so the comparison is unfair. Since they also use much more cpu, I may still find use for EZMix during initial stages of a mix.


    Mo’ lofi presets please!!!!!!

    win7x64/i7 860/msi mobo/Reaper x64/8GB ram/profire 610/oxygen 61


    best effect plug-in i have ever had, just WOW!

    as long as it sounds good; go for it!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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