Downsizing SDXs & disk space error

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  • Annaata20

    I can’t do this either, do you have a solution for it


    connections - the best choice!!

    J L

    Unfortunately not, I had to redownload everything to an external hard drive and install from there.

    I used the Standard Installation size, the one without bleed that usually says “Default Mic Setup. This is a partial install of the library featuring all close, primary overhead and all room microphones. This is the minimum install for the default presets to sound as intended.”

    For reference, here are the sizes and the last .obw file in the Sounds folder – you could try deleting any higher than that if you’re trying to downsize from full bleed, but I can’t confirm it will work:

    Area 33 – 115.42 GB, soundb64.obw

    Hitmaker (without Hitmaker Machines) – 50.57 GB, soundb31.obw

    Legacy of Rock – 121.07 GB, soundb74.obw

    Fields of Rock – 105.89 GB, Dry – soundb23.obw,
    Live – soundb10.obw,
    Percussion – soundb2.obw,
    Stone – soundb27obw

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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