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EZbass FAQ

Thank you for your interest in the new EZbass line from Toontrack!

Please see the most commonly asked questions for EZbass below:

Q: Will there be a demo version of EZbass?
A: Yes, however, the demo will not be available for the EZbass launch on May 19th, 2020. The demo will be released eventually, but no ETA for a release date.

Q: Can I relocate the EZbass sound library folder to my external drive?
A: Yes, you can relocate the EZbass sounds and MIDI to an external drive. Please see the guide here:…d-library-folder/

Q: Does Toontrack offer “Crossgrade” pricing for existing Toontrack customers to EZbass?
A: No, at this time Toontrack does not offer special crossgrade pricing to EZbass at the web shop.

Q: How much does EZbass cost at
A: 179 USD – 159 EUR – 1,295 SEK

Q: Can EZbass be fully controlled from a MIDI keyboard?
a: Yes, of course! EZbass works great with a MIDI keyboard controller. Information on how to perform the various included articulations in EZbass from a MIDI controller can be found in the EZbass Help menu > Key Switch Layout.

Q: What is the lowest playable note for EZbass?
A: The lowest playable note is “A0”.

Q: How many authorizations can I have for EZbass?
A: EZbass uses the standard Toontrack authorization system. Toontrack allows 2 active authorizations at one time with a possibility of 4 total authorizations being used before the authorization count needs to be reset by Toontrack Support.

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