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“Agrimotor” by Fredrik Thordendal
(feat. Endrik Salak)


“Agrimotor” by Fredrik Thordendal

This track was written by
Fredrik Thordendal and mixed
using the Area 33 SDX for all drums.


Add vocals to the track – get a chance to win a copy of Superior Drummer 3 and the Area 33 SDX.*

1. Download the mix of the song (mp3)
2. Import it to a session in your DAW and produce your own vocal performance
3. Upload the song featuring your vocals to YouTube and title it: “Agrimotor” by Fredrik Thordendal (feat. [Your Name]) #AgrimotorVocalChallenge #Toontrack
4. Please add the link ( to this site in the description of the video so people can spread the word!
5. Send the YouTube link to
6. Eventually, your entry will end up in a playlist on this site. Make sure to promote it on your end!

Feel free to film yourself performing your take…but if you can’t, use the images in our media pack linked to here!

Who or what determines the winner?
All uploaded entries will be added continuously to a playlist on this site. The entry that has the most likes by 09:00 CET on January 20, 2023, will be crowned winner. Get started!*


*By downloading this track, you agree to the terms and conditions.


All your entries in one place

If you emailed us your link per the above instructions, your entry will eventually find its way to this playlist. Make sure to share and promote on your end!


This is an expansion for Superior Drummer 3 produced and
engineered by Fredrik Thordendal/Daniel Bergstrand with drummer
Leo Margarit. Audio demos, videos and more here.


Superior Drummer 3 is Toontrack’s award-winning and flagship drum production software. Learn more here.

*The “Agrimotor” song is the intellectual property of Fredrik Thordendal with Toontrack Music as the sole and exclusive licensee (the Licensors). By downloading this audio file, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth herein. All rights not expressly outlined below are reserved to the Licensors.

By accepting the terms and ultimately downloading the song, you have the non-exclusive, revocable right to, without prior consent, add original lyrics, words and vocals to the track. In effect, you obtain a non-exclusive, revocable license agreement to use this track for the sole purpose of taking part in this challenge. Any other usage is strictly forbidden. You may not alter, modify or otherwise change the track beyond adding original lyrics, words and/or vocals. You must not use the song in any way that infringes on the rights of the Licensors or any third parties, such as by using unauthorized samples or incorporating other copyrighted works without permission. This is a challenge in the spirit of creativity, fun and the love for music. The use of harmful or hateful language equals direct disqualification. Any such entry will need to be immediately deleted directly upon notification from the Licensors.

Uploading your version with vocals is limited to one online platform only: YouTube (as part of this promotion). The song needs to be downloaded and furthermore uploaded to YouTube before the cut-off date outlined on the Toontrack promotional site. After that (and outside the context of this promotion), you are not allowed to use this track in either an altered or unaltered state. You can still, however, keep the already uploaded track online as long as it was entered into the promotion before said cut-off date (meaning, you do not have to take your YouTube video down after the cut-off date has passed, unless notified by the Licensors). Licensors reserve the right to disqualify a YouTube video and request its removal if it is found to violate the terms of this agreement or if it is deemed to be offensive, inappropriate or otherwise not in line with the spirit of the promotion.

Note: You are not allowed to make copies, sell, distribute, monetize or otherwise capitalize on using this track in any media – physical, digital or other. This includes using the song outside the scope of this Toontrack-branded promotion (such as in connection with third party products/brands, ads, services, marketing, campaigns, games, social media, videos or similar).

The licensee agrees to indemnify and hold the Licensors harmless from any claims arising from the licensee’s use of the song. The Licensors reserve the right to terminate this license agreement at any time for any reason.

This agreement is governed by the laws of Sweden and any disputes arising from or related to this agreement must be resolved in the courts of Sweden.

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