Short and to-the-point videos that all answer the simple question of “how to” accomplish a certain idea or sound by using creative ways of working with Superior Drummer 3.


How to get a bigger drum sound by using a single compressor on the main output of Superior Drummer 3.

How to use distortion on a Reverb Send to produce a more aggressive and ambient drum sound.

How to create a parallel compression channel and make it sound massive.


How to create a Reverb Bus channel and use the Creative Filter to adjust the frequencies being altered by the reverb effect.

How to create your own “fake” ambient channel by emulating the sound of an ambient room.

How to take the ambience channels from another expansion library and use it with the core library of Superior Drummer 3.


How to enhance your kick drum sound using the Tape Simulator along with the Compressor and Transient effects.

How to apply tape distortion to your drum mix while simultaneously adjusting the tape drive output using the Macro Controls.

How to use the Tape Simulator as an EQ tool for adjusting low and high frequencies within your drum mix.

How to enhance your drum mix by using the Tape Simulator effect on individual instrument channels and/or the drum bus.


How to create a massive sounding ’80s style drum mix.

How to use the Plate Reverb and 1981 Classic Reverb effects to create an ’80s style drum reverb.

How to use the Comp670 compressor to make independent compression adjustments to the center/side stereo field information or the Left/Right channels.

How to create a big, bombastic drum mix using the Comp76 compressor along with the parallel mix knob.

How to make quick analog style adjustments to your drum mix using the EQ84.


How to convert both a multi and stereo drum track to MIDI using Tracker.