You may have noticed that we offer two equally decorated, praised and industry-awarded drum production software tools: EZdrummer 3 and Superior Drummer 3. Confused? Don’t be! Both are similar in that they let you effortlessly create amazing-sounding drums for your songs, but different in that one was designed with the creative songwriter in mind while the other was specifically intended for the demanding engineer.

Which one are you? Discover our percussive universe today.


The complete drum production studio.

Create your own drum mixes

More than 230 GB of carefully sampled drums

Ready for immersive sound playback

Tracker: Onboard drum audio to MIDI conversion

Import your own samples

Seven (7) kits, 25 snares, 16 kicks

350+ electronic drum machine sounds

35 sound processing effects available in the mixer

Mix-ready presets for different styles

Comprehensive MIDI library included

…and much more!



The songwriter’s drummer.

Mix-ready sounds for a wide range of styles

Tools and features for quick and easy songwriting

Bandmate: Get groove suggestions based on your music

Onboard grid editor, step sequencer and more

Seven (7) kits as well as additional snares, kicks and cymbals

Approx. 15 GB of drums, cymbals and percussion

Comprehensive MIDI library of grooves and fills

…and much more!